There aren't too many sites here, as I'm still working on this links page. If you want your site added, e-mail me. Sites are ordered based on the when they were submitted.

By the way, you should definitely take a look around the sites on the Halloween-L webring.


The Halloween-L Archives (new site) - Anything and everything Halloween related.

The Halloween-L Archives (old site)- Anything and everything Halloween related.

Monster Page Of Links to Halloween Do-It-Yourself Projects This is the best, most extensive list of Halloween-related props on the 'net that I've ever seen. Go there, and bookmark it. It's definitely worth keeping....

Allen's Halloween Page - Many excellent projects and links.

Igor's Fright Shack - Tour of haunt, props, links -- Overall, one of the best Halloween-related sites I've seen.

Scott's Halloween Page - Yard display pics, haunt links, lots o' project links.

Lawrence Lund's Halloween PageVery nice project instructions, yard haunt pics

Matt's Spooky Halloween Page Cool yard haunt, great plans for a Pepper's Ghost and an electric chair.

Monsterfun Get a Free E-mailed Cartoon Monster

Halloween! The Houdini Halloween Holiday Halloween magic, and the eerie Houdini- Halloween connection.