Ever Tried to Research Twins?


"The Gruesome Twosome"

My husband (on the right) and his twin sister.



Its not every family that has twins, but if you ever come across any, then you should know:

        1. The GRO birth reference for each twin is the same (assuming they were registered at the same time)
        2. If you send for the birth certificate of one twin, it will sometimes be returned as 'no trace'. Why? Because they've not looked any further than the first one registered.
        3. It is best when sending for a twin's GRO birth certificate to include an accompanying letter stating clearly that the person is a twin, the name of the other twin, and reiterate what you want. If you want them both, then make that clear too.

I hope this advice helps - I suspect the problem is even worse for triplets!


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