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Welcome to Final Fantasy VII - The Complete Guide. This site contains information that is suitable for the Playstation and PC version. The versions do not differ very much, besides controls and some dialogue.
Final Fantasy VII is one of the most popular games ever. With sales of the Playstation version going beyond 6 million copies worldwide, you can imagine the impact it had on the gaming market. And with the release on the PC, Final Fantasy VII reached an even bigger audience.
The average time from begin to end is about 35 to 50 hours. But that does not mean you really have everything. There is so much more to discover! 

What is Final Fantasy VII - The Complete Guide?
Started in January 1998, Final Fantasy VII - The Complete Guide tries to offer you the best and most complete information. Covering almost every aspect of the game, this guide will probably help you play the game to its fullest. All information on this site is from gaming experience. Everything is 100% original unless otherwise noted.

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Thursday 24th April 2003
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Tuesday 15th April 2003
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Final Fantasy VII is made by Squaresoft of Japan (PSX Version). The PC version is converted by Eidos Interactive. This site supports both versions.

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The official soundtrack and the Reunion soundtrack is available at gamemusic.com. Click here to order. The original soundtrack costs $47.99

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