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If you are using Glaunch on your arcade machine, then you would probably like to be able to start GLaunch when you power up the arcade. This can be done with a simple bat file placed in your Windows' start up folder.

But I wanted to have the machine turn off when I exited Glaunch.

I wrote a program that would do just that. The program is called GLauncher. Place a shortcut to GLauncher in your start up folder. When you power up your arcade, Glaunch starts, then when you quit Glaunch, Glauncher displays a shutdown message, giving you a set amount of time to press ENTER on your keyboard to cancel the shutdown and return to Windows.

If the ENTER key is not pressed before the countdown reaches 0, the arcade's computer will turn off.

This is handy if you need to get into Windows to do maintenance or update your games.

Just connect your keyboard and mouse and power on the arcade. After GLaunch starts, just exit it, then press ENTER on the keyboard to cancel the shutdown and go back to the Windows desktop.

You can choose whether or not to use the shutdown option, show the shutdown screen in a window or full screen, choose cancel time (from 5 to 25 seconds), choose between two shutdown methods, and you can place one or two images on your shutdown screen.

Screen shots:

Setup Routine Screen Shots.

When you first run Glauncher, the setup routine will begin. You must first tell GLauncher where GLaunch.exe is stored.

You will be notified when Glaunch.exe is found, you can then click OK to continue.

Choose whether or not to use the shutdown option.

Choose Full Screen or Window.

Choose number of seconds to cancel before shutdown.

Choose shutdown method, if one doesn't work right, try the other.

Choose one or two images to display on the shutdown screen.

All finished! Your choices are saved in a text file called glauncher.set. It can be edited by opening it with Notepad or WordPad, or just about any text editor.

You can run setup routine again by editing the "Run setup =" line in the glauncher.set file.


Click here to view my complete glauncher.set file (for example only)

View the readme.txt file that is included in the install package.

Download Glauncher.

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