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Sloat Lumber Co. #4 (ex. Empire City #4, ex Yosemite Short Line #4), ca. 1930
A 30" gauge, 18 ton side tank Porter. Photo collection of Ted Wurm

The Sloat Lumber Co.

The Sloat Lumber Co. was a small logging railroad located near Quincy in northern California. Unlike my model it was build to the unusual gauge of 30", using equipment from the Empire City Lumber Co.

An 18-ton side tank Porter had originally been constructed for the ill-fated Yosemite Short Line. This improbable railroad project was constructed to the odd gauge of 30", at a time - 1905 - when most narrow gauge railroads in the U.S. had either closed down or been standard gauged.

For more info about the Sloat Lumber Co. and other 30" gauge logging railroads in California, you can proceed to my thirty-inch logging pages:

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