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Updated January 2001 by Lennart Elg

Track plans

Track plan revised February 4, 2001

The Sloat Lumber Co.

Yet another version!

Richard Gardner showed me how to keep the continous run and still achieve enough vertical separation to the upper level, by moving the diverging turnout halfway across the room. The climb to the upper level now starts just after the mainline has disappeared from view after leaving the lower yard. Richard has also hidden the two tunnel openings from view.

My main concern about Richard's plan is the sharp curves needed to achieve this. I have been assured that both the MDC and Bachmann Shay´s will negotiate an 18 inch radius, my minimum is now 20 inches. The two cylinder conversion involved in two V&T Shops conversions on my shelf may still cause problems, as this leaves two very short lineshafts to deal with sharp angles on curves.

The story is now that this started out as an isolated logging operation on Vashon Island in the Puget Sound, Washington, connected only by steamboat to the outside world. After a number of years, the Vashon Island Railway & Navigation Co. builds a narrow gauge railroad along the shore, passing through the Sloat Lumber yard. This gives the lumber company a convenient way to bring supplies in, however logs are still towed to the sawmill, which is located across the water on the mainland (I have no idea whether Vashon Island ever had a logging industry, however my distant cousin Rick Swanson lives there, so I thought this would be a nice way to say hello..).

Previous track plan version

You can compare this version with the previous version by clicking the headline above.

Portable layout

This is a portable layout, designed to practise and test modeling techniques before tackling "the big one". I can also take it to shows etc. to promote logging and Sn3 - neither of which are well known here in Sweden.

Basically, the layout is a simplified version of the upper camp on the big layout. To generate traffic I added a small fiddle yard (sector plate) reached through a switch back. Since I want it to be portable, the area is recently logged over - plenty of debris and stumps, but no trees left standing..

How I draw layout plans..

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