Poems: written by yours truly :- )

Poem #1 - "The Love We Shared"
Written in late 1989
Poem #2 - "Tell Me Lord"
Writen in early 1995
Poem #3 - "Someone"
Written in early 1995
Poem #4 - "My Heart"
Written in 1997
Poem #5 - "Our Love"
Written in the early 80's
Poem #6 - "Why?"
Another early 80's
Poem #7 - "Together"
Written in mid 80's
Poem #8 - "The Class Ring"
I can't claim this one, but I think it is absoluteley beautiful.
Poem #9 - "Thanks to my best friend"
This one isn't mine either, but I dedicated it to my best friend, 'Cheryl Hansen' who truly is the best friend a person could ever have.
Poem #10 - "For Jenny"
This poem was written for me by Ramon.
Poem #11- "Master of Disquise"
Written in mid 1998
Poem #12- "My Eyes"
Written in mid 1998
Poem #13- "Few are the words!"
Written in Oct. 98