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Musical Suggestions

Learning these songs and teaching them:  You can plug your tape recorder into your computer speakers and make a recording of the song.  Then, you can print out a copy of the words, either directly from your browser or cut and paste them into your word processor or desktop publishing software.  Make them as fancy or plain as you like.  Now you can use this sheet of words and this recording as you would use a kareoke to learn how to play and sing along.  Put your tape into a boom box and get a group together to sing along.

Sheet music:  There are several pieces of software that are able to make sheet music from midi files like these.  You can just follow the software manufacturers directions to load in the midi file, format the sheet music, and print it out for your use, or publish it for your Church, the internet, book stores, etc.

The copyright:  In a nutshell, the copyright says that you can use these songs for free.  Record them, make song books, distribute them, project them on screens, etc.  If you use them in a way that is not to the glory of God, then that is between you and God.  You cannot, however, restrict the use of any song.  If you make a recording and you decide to sell it, you cannot restrict others from making copies of that song.  If it is on a CD with many other songs that have restrictive copyrights, that is fine, but you cannot restrict the copying (or any other use) of any of the songs that have this freeware copyright on them.

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