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It's us again....!

Our daughter is a big kid now, she has her own web-site(here)! It has games, cartoons and ... barnacles??



Evgenij's latest news articles

I have a tendency to write my analyses on what is new and curious in News Groups related to Energy, Philosophy, Chemistry, Batteries etc, which many people find useful.
To find the latest and controversial, "what's hot" in these areas check out my latest articles.
Think about it as my blog, except that you are welcome to participate in the discussions.


Contact information

e-mail: Evgenij Barsukov (Yevgen Barsukov, Evgenij Barsoukov - all the same person!): 


  • Archive of selected articles from relcom.sci.philosophy and relcom.religion (mostly declarations and conceptual articles, but not only). Also some disputes. Most articles are in russian (koi8-r)

      Here they are!

  • Reference information, which is a result of long research and know how  can often be found in news-groups. Often  I save such articles for my own use. Such informative review articles related to philosophy and religion are collected here.

Some hardware tests

Sometimes I am wondering about some aspects of what is the best way of using my hardware (for using it I do a lot!) so I make tests  to make sure what I feel is right. The I drop the test results here for anybody who migh be interested.  Compressed vs not compressed HD speed results  and others are here. 


I have many of them, but only few have seen the scanner yet. These few are available for download. They are in screen resolution and can be used as backgrounds in your pages or windows desktop. The only small print, which you agree to when downloading: pictures should not be edited. They can however be put in virtual "frame" and you can make your comments of the frame. 
Here they are!

Programs for downloading

It is a physically correct on-screen 3d simulation of stars movement under force of gravitational attraction. Different from the objects you can see out of your window in a clear night, stars in "cave" don't have much space to move around (they are restricted by the walls of the cave) , so they collide just like billiard balls (also physically correct). Situation is actually near to the one just after the big bang. See readme for detailed description. 

Registered version of the program allows you to save unique and spectacular view on the screen to a bitmap-file which can be used for decoration of your web-site, as wall-paper, as background of a greeting card or material for any other art-works. You can also create your custom live worlds with arbitrary size, color, weight and initial positions of balls. You can purchase registered version for 12$ via secure credit-card transfer. You will be able to download registered version immediatelly after fillling credit card information.

Download registered version now!




Programming for kids – scratch!

Queen Wars is an example project showing how game making with physics can be done in Scratch language.

This new colorful project is about the girl fighting against the queen bee with a cannon. It includes multiple cannon balls hitting a scary queen bee, physically correctly simulated, including rotations of the bees body after collisions. Looks best in a Flash player.

Bee is attracted to the girl by the force of gravity. Each hit by the ball leaves visible splash marks on the bee. Eventually bee blows up in a colorful explosion. Cannon is controlled by up/down keys or mouse wheel. To shoot, click on the girl. Aim for the head or the lower body of the bee. Feel free to use this complex physical engine to add more gaming fun stuff. Great thanks to LavenderNinja for help with artistic elements!

My science activities

Most of my time I spend in the office and in the lab, crunching MathCad datasheets, breaking up some batteries and soldering scary looking ICs. Here are some links to results of my present and past activities.


Some half science/half pure speculation

Sometimes I get ideas which are to raw to be published in a journal but might still have some inspirational value for a reader. Articles on this sort are in this section.


Breathing exercise of Strelnikova

A unique breating exercise have been developed by Alexandra Severovna Strelnikova, and further developed by her daughter Alexandra Nikolaevna Strelnikova and their follower Michail Shetinin. I am a great fan and practiocioner of this exercise as it does magic with respiratorial problems, so I felt compeled to provide english translation of all exercises descriptions (a lot of materials are available in russian). Original application was for restoring of the voice for singers but later it has been shown that method is effective for treatment and prophylactic of wide range of respiratory illnesses, in particular asthma, tuberculosis and chronic bronchitis. Main idea of the exercises is to exert a strong nasal breath-in (sniff) while compressing the lungs by a simultaneous straining of different muscles. Short description of all 12 exercises as well as other detailed information can be found in this link.


Cказка о скрипке и трубе

Это желательно прочитать тем кто "воюет с алкоголем" многие годы. Оказывается все просто, часто война и усилия направлена на недостижимую цель,
и все страдания и новые и новые неудачи напрасны. Нужно только понять в чем заключается достижимая цель, и "жить долго и счастливо".
Прочитайте эту сказку и поверьте что все в ней правда. Она базируется на холодных научных фактах, но передает их с сердечной теплотой.
Антихаос Клуб представляет: Сказка о Скрипке и Трубе




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