Nene Romanova

Affiliation: Technical Weapons Expert
Responsibilities: Guarding/Disrupting Waves/Area Scanning

Official Biography

Unlike the other members' parents, Nene's parents were in good health. A young lady from a good family, Nene was fed up with her overly strict parents' constantly checking up on her and ran away from home. At an all girls' school, Nene proved to be too smart for her classes. As a result she was easily bored and cut class often. So what was she doing when she wasn't in class? Nene discovered a natural talent for using computers and committed all sorts of high-tech mischief including computer hacking, wire tapping, and other such acts of high-tech espionage.

Priss and Linna were already part of the Knight Sabers' offense but the Knight Sabers needed another member to strengthen their defense. For this purpose, and extremely difficult (to crack) 'help-wanted ad' program was set in place. But Nene easily deciphered the code and, after she understood the true nature of the program, she decided to take the job. And that's how Nene joined the Knight Sabers!

Additional Information

Nene was born in the year 2010. She is the youngest of the Knight Sabers and very naive, almost immature at times. However, Nene endears herself to others with these qualities. She is second to only Sylia in technical fields and is a worthy opponent of nearly any other computer specialist.

Nene is a sorry sight to see in the physical end of combat. She is often beat-up without a second thought on the Boomer's part, thus causing Priss and Linna to ridicule her. Nene is small, her height being one-hundred fifty-six centimeters and her weight being forty-two kilograms. Her bust measures at eighty-nine centimeters, her waist as fifty-eight, and her hips at eighty-six. Nene has red hair that may as well be called pink in color. Her eyes are green.

Nene's 'official' job is as an AD. Police dispatcher, giving Sylia the inside information she needs for the Knight Sabers.

See Nene's Hardsuit Statistics at Raven's Garage.

Nene's seiyuu (voice actress) is Akiko Hiramatsu.

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