The Knight Sabers

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The Knight Sabers

In the year AD2022, Sylia Stingray witnessed the death of her father several hours after the true event had taken place. The images from a Data Unit containing his death and the incidents surrounding it were permanently imprinted on her mind, sending Sylia into immediate shock. All of the information about his research on the Cyberdroids, battlesuits, and other technologies flowed into Sylia's brain at that time and would forever remain there to remind her of what had brought on her vengeance that, nine years later, became far more than anyone would have guessed a then twenty-one year old woman was capable of.

In AD2030 Sylia put to use much of her knowledge about her father's technology by applying a basic design he called a "Hardsuit" to her own theories on armored ware. What was in the Data Unit was a general draft of the suit that Sylia would use as a lethal weapon of vengeance ten years after her father's death. Sylia implimented all known battlesuit technologies into this Hardsuit, giving it weapons on a par with, if not superior to, those suits that the military used. She also advanced the HUD (heads up display) so that targeting systems would be more useful to individual wearers and their given abilities. The armor of each suit was made durable in specifications with its best use. The lightest armor went to the suit designs for communications because it would be doing less combat and focus on computer systems. The second lightest armor went to the suit designed for melee attacks in order for it to retain agility and maneuverability but still be sturdier than the communications suit. The third most protective suit was created for the long range specialist who carried guns that made the greatest impact when they hit their target, and in fact used solid rounds. Finally, Sylia used the most technologically advanced armor for her own suit, the most heavily armed and secure of the four. Her suit was designed for all aspects of battle, not at all specialized, although it had more close combat capabilities than the others and the second strongest guns. Her HUD was also superior to both the melee and long range suits but not so much as the computer/communications suit. In short, her own suit was designed for the single most important part of being a leader: Survival.

Sylia went on to gather contacts in the various areas of Mega Tokyo. She bribed military and other officials who would be helpful in her battle against GENOM for the murder of her father. So that she could use the air fields without appearing conspicuous, Sylia paid the officials watching over it to not report her various jets. She went on to buy off moles with GENOM itself. People from nearly every department of the company reported to Sylia in matters for which she desired knowledge. Sylia also had a fixer, namely Fargo, who would act as a go-between for Sylia and whomever she was working with or for.

Sylia also spent time creating the Motoroids, heavily armored and highly powerful, larger versions of the Hardsuits. What they lacked in agility they made up for in destructive power. Sylia's first attempt, the MSX-01, was something of a failure due to problems with the size of the engine versus the transformation sequence from humanoid to motorcycle forms. Sylia fixed this by mounting a beam cannon on its back and adding in computer equipment superior to that which was specially made for the communications specialist. The other Motoroids were more successful.

Finally Sylia recruited the Knight Sabers. She already had her younger brother, a prodigy with engineering and mechanics. She needed her long range, melee, and communications experts, however. Therefore Sylia took it upon herself to seek out the parties she needed. First came Priscilla S. Asagiri, a nightclub singer who bore a grudge against the police and GENOM for the murder of her lover. When they first met it was not a pretty sight, but Sylia 'persuaded' Priss to give the Knight Sabers a chance and act as their long range expert. Then came Linna Yamazaki, whose reflexes and dance/martial arts abilities astounded Sylia. Sylia fixed the audition Linna was at so that she would fail and then took Linna in as the melee expert. Finally came Nene Romanova. Sylia placed a complicated 'ad' on the internet asking for help. Nene found the ad and tinkered around with it until she hacked her way to an invitation to join the Knight Sabers. Nene agreed readily.

To make the operations of the group go more smoothly, Sylia wrote up a list of eleven regulations that the others had to agree to before joining the Knight Sabers. The regulations are as follows:

As a whole, the rules may first seem outlandish and unrealistic. Sylia was not going to bother enforicing the rules in her usual conservative manner, however, and lets things slide remarkably easily to the point where she is interested in their personal lives whether or not they stay within the bounds of her eleven regulations. The probability of regulation eleven ever being enforced is very slim to say the least.

Who Are the Knight Sabers?

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