Priss Asagiri

Affiliation: Assault Expert
Responsibilties: Heavy Assault Weapons Use


When Priscilla S. Asagiri was twelve years old, she was devastated with the loss of her parents during the Second Great Kanto Earthquake. During that earthquake, everything Priss had known was loved was stolen from her. She was faced with a lonely existance suddenly, thrust into a crowded orphanage filled with children who had gone through ordeals similar to hers. With no peers or adults to turn to, Priss became embittered within a short period of time.

When she was fifteen, Priss discovered her love of singing. She had already wasted two years of her life at the orphanage but was finally able to find something that she enjoyed doing. She started to gets jobs at the local nightclubs, including Hot Legs, and began writing her music for performances. It was only then that she was truly free in any form, but afterward she would always return to the gloom of the orphanage where she felt no one cared for her. She was not a social girl by nature and the constant flow of children in and out the doors was enough to make Priss build a wall around herself, not letting anyone else get through to see the real Priss.

At the age of seventeen Priss found a release for her anger: A motorcycle gang. She and the leader became lovers while Priss pursued her greatest love of all, which was singing. She sang at Hot Legs and a few other clubs. Her music was normally fairly light, but at times it would reflect the inner-turmoil she was going through on a daily basis. Filled with angst and anger, Priss still wanted more but was accepting what she had. For a short period of time, she was happy.

Soon after her singing career begin to get noticed, Priss' boyfriend got caught up in a GENOM scandal. He knew information that he was not meant to know and was unable to relay it to anyone else before Brian J. Mason gunned him down while he was out riding with Priss. The AD. Police appeared on the scene but instantly ruled that the death was an accident, nothing more. Priss was so enraged that she swore to get revenge on the police. She left, with a knife and gun in hand, only to come across a mysterious woman. Priss attacked her but was stopped without much trouble. The woman offered Priss a choice: Die when facing GENOM, or put her hatred to more constructive use. That same day, Priss became the Knight Sabers' long range specialist.

Additional Information

Priss was born in the year 2013. Her full name is Priscilla S. Asagiri (inside joke: The 'S' stands for Sonoda). Priss' life was fairly normal, with two healthy parents when she was a child, and when she was orphaned the experience was a very rude awakening to the real world around her.

Priss, though hardened after years on the streets, like Sylia does not show signs of her stress and unhappiness. Physically, Priss does very well. She is one-hundred sixty-eight centimeters tall and weighs forty-seven kilograms. Her bust measures eighty-eight centimeters, her waist at sixty, and her hips at ninety. Priss' eyes are scarlett and very expressive. Her hair is brown, fluctuating from light to dark sporadically.

Priss' 'official' job is as a nightclub singer, her hopes to get her 'big break' dashed by her moronic manager.

Changes in Priss from Bubblegum Crisis to Bubblegum Crash!

Priss went through only a few changes from the first series to the next, but they were definitely not hard to notice. She was less inclined to give herself for 'the cause.' She no longer lived for the Knight Sabers and the work they did and was willing to give it all up to sing professionally. This is completely different from the Priss of BGC, who was the most loyal of the group, never willing to turn her back on the others even if it meant her life.

A more annoying change was Priss unexplained gained hatred of the Boomers. She had never in BGC given any indication that she hated the Boomers, and her belief that Sylvie and Anri were more than deserving of the freedom they longed for was evident. In BGC! episode two she was cussing out ADAMA merely because he was synthetic, which leaves many questions to be asked. When and why did Priss begin hating the Boomers like that? Priss never hated them any more than Sylia, Linna, or Nene seemed to in the original series. Without warning she turned around and became the Boomer's worst enemy. This particular change is what leaves many people with the impression that Priss hates Boomers, which was untrue until BGC! began.

Priss was also more mean spirited in BGC!. She made statements that made it apparent that she thought Linna and Nene were morons, which was totally unlike her. While Priss picked on the other two several times in BGC, she was not as cruel as she was in BGC!. She also became money and fame-crazed. It almost seems as though her personality would lean more toward enjoying obscurity than craving it.

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Priss' seiyuu (voice actress) is Ryouko Tachikawa.

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