Bubblegum Crash!: The Story

Bubblegum Crash!:
The Story

"In the latter half of the twentieth century, rapid advancements in technology at least resulted in the development of artificial substitutes for human beings. A synthesis of mechatronics, artificial intelligence, and biotechnology, they freed humans from all kinds of menial labor. People called these symbols of the era, 'Boomers, assemblers of prosperity.'"

In the year AD2034, those who were responsible for the Boomers took their research and development to a whole new level with the creation of a Second Generation Boomer. This research, led by Doctor Haynes, once an assistant of Doctor Katsuhito Stingray, brought forth multitudes of new possibilities. The Boomers would no longer be sucsceptible to the problems brought on by overheating, overworking, and other misuse due to the new inorganic circutry that made up their 'brains.'

The components created for this AI were not only valuable, but much sought after. One of the groups seeking such was a mysterious man who used his influence over artificial and organic life alike in order to capture the coveted second generation artificial intelligence.

Only months before Boomers had been incapable of making decisions that they were not programmed to make or otherwise influence into. The Second Generation Boomer would be able to grasp thoughts and philosophies that other Boomers would have to had explained to them in full, such as freedom, memories, love, anger, and prejudice. The Second Generation Boomer could also gain intelligence and knowledge much the way a human does through schooling and experience. In simple terms, this was the ultimate Boomer.

The birth of the Boomer brought on considerable controversy in the scientific fields, and once it came forward as a fact and no longer a scientist's dream, everyone wanted to know more about the Boomer. Doctor Haynes, its creator, was fiercely protective, however, and allowed only those close to him to know that truth about the this masterpiece.

Thus, the genesis, and the birth of ADAMA.

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