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Welcome to my home page! I work with my wife, Kari, at Kari & Assoc.. Kari also maintains the The OlympiaZone, a non-profit organization in the South Puget Sound region of the beautiful Pacific Nothwest.


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CEO, Kari & Assoc.
Marketing, Research, Grant Writing, Media Releases, Information Technology
Job Search
if you're looking for a job or resume, visit here!
Fontier Builders INC.
Official Rocky Mountain Log Home Builder,Antler Furniture, Accessories
A new technique in periodontal treatment
My resume
From 1975 to present
Free things, Genealogy links
Links to free sites, contests and giveaways
Yearly Orkney picnic
All Orkneys and relatives invited.Also working on Orkney genealogy.
Favorite Links Page
Sites I've found useful for various research

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