Ten's Art
in Historical Perspective

A few photo's of paleolithic ( 20,000-35,000 year old ) artwork are presented here. Many of these figurines predate the cave paintings of  Altamira and Lascaux etc. by thousands of years.
Since it appears that this work has sensualist aspects, a close affinity to Ten's art can be discerned. Be, however, well aware that by calling this ancient work sensualistic a twentieth century sensibility is imposed on twenty to thirty thousand year old artwork, while in actuality its meaning and function remains obscure and enigmatic.

To us, the use of form as an adaptation rather than a representation of reality at this initial stage of art is of special interest. For example, note that the head of the Dolni Vestonice figurine is apparently a penis ! (It does not show well in the rather poor photo). Many of the females are obviously pregnant.
Most modern interpretations emphasize a religious function, butI think that much of this work was made with great patience and love, and a pride in skill and accomplishment, with other words for the same reasons as to why most art is currently produced.

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Paleolithic Sexuality