Ten's Art


Some Thoughts

Ten's Artwork at times may contain material considered offensive by some individuals.

Since its contents deal with the mystery of gender interaction which leads to propagation, and to the continuity of life, it touches on the subjects of sex and erotics.

Some individuals, unfortunately, automatically link in their minds sexual organs and their interaction with pornography, and many of those think that my work crosses the line. Those people are unaware that the greatest flower paintings depict sexual organs. The fact is that admired artists such as Rachel Ruysch, Jan van Huysum, and of course Georgia O'Keefe painted almost exclusively sex organs.

Even in our supposedly enlightened twentieth century many individuals are in denial. Consider that even one of the most admired artists of our time, Georgia O'Keefe, vociferously denied that her work had anything to do with sex. Most likely, even she confused sex with prurient interest and did not see it as the amazing universal process that leads to continuity of life.
So much for sexual taboo's and deeply ingrained psychic avoidance of the subject.

The intent of pornography is to activate hormonal processes leading to arousal. There is much more to my work than the superficiality of erotics. I am more interested in stimulating the brain and arousing the emotions of awe and amazement. I attempt to create an awareness of the underlying mysteries of existence.
I have always been interested in the the scientific knowledge delving into the miracles of the universe, and particularly those of the thin biospheric film that covers our planet. My work is essentially phenomenological. It does not represent reality as we see it, but by showing alternatives it attemps to penetrate the wonders of existence.

I hope this clears up some of the misunderstandings about my artwork. Bear in mind that I am attempting to convey my ideas through visual channels and not through poetry or literature.