When In Rome -- Pompey the Magnus

Jeremy was a riot as the effeminate Pompey. And he still managed to be adorable! I loved watching him. I also have pictures of Karl Urban as Caesar.

05wirpompey.jpg 11wirpompey.jpg 12wirpompey.jpg 13wirpompey.jpg 15wirpompey.jpg
21wirpompey.jpg 26wirpompey.jpg 27wirpompey.jpg 28wirpompey.jpg 29wirpompey.jpg
30wirpompey.jpg 31wirpompey.jpg 36wirpompey.jpg 37wirpompey.jpg 38wirpompey.jpg
42wirpompey.jpg 43wirpompey.jpg 53wirpompey.jpg 57wirpompey.jpg 58wirpompey.jpg

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