Dean O'Gorman

Dean has played several characters in the Hercules/Xena universe. I've gotten snaps of a few of them.

On Hercules

Medea Culpa

The Gauntlet -- Dean's portrayal of Hercules' cousin in this episode was one his first appearance on the show. But most certainly not his last. He did a great job in this excellent episode.

Iloran Iloran
Iloran Iloran

On Xena

Return of the Valkyrie -- Wiglaf

Athens Academy of Bards -- Homer

Young Hercules

Winner Takes All

Amazon Grace -- Young Iolaus is a trip! I really am enjoying Dean as this character.

As Himself

February 2001 Armageddon Expo -- Check out Richard K's Report and Pictures. He only has one picture from this Auckland, NZ, event, but it's a good one!

1-3 September, London Panathenaea 2000 -- Dean appeared with Willa O'Neill and Kevin Smith at this event. Check out WarGoddess' Panathenaea 2000 Page for pictures.

23-24 January 1999 Santa Monica, CA, Convention -- Dean appeared with Ryan Gosling and Chris Conrad. The three obviously enjoy each other's company. They were a lot of fun. Gina Torres, Alexandra Tydings, Joel Tobeck, Kevin Sorbo, Claire Stansfield, Karl Urban, and Lucy Lawless were also there.

Here, Dean was interviewed very briefly on an E! Around the World special. Sorry about the fuzziness of the picture.

Dean on E!

On Other Stuff

This list is incomplete. For a complete listing of Dean's work, visit the IMDB.

When Love Comes Along (1998 movie)

Doom Runners (movie) -- Deek (1997)

Return to Treasure Island TV movie) -- Jim Hawkins (1996)

Shortland Street (NZ soap opera) -- Nurse Harry Martin (1996)

Bonjour Timothy (movie) -- Timothy Taylor (movie)

Raider of the South Seas (TV movie) -- Bobby Morrison (1990)

The Rogue Stallion (TV movie) -- Tony Garrett (1990)


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