Medea Culpa

This is the first time we were introduced to the young versions of Hercules, Iolaus, and Jason. I'm rather glad we were. I also have snaps of adult Jason from this epsiode.

medea01ian.jpg medea02dean.jpg medea03chris.jpg medea04chris.jpg medea05chris.jpg
medea06ian.jpg medea07dean.jpg medea08ian.jpg medea09chris.jpg medea10chris.jpg
medea11dean.jpg medea12.jpg medea13ian.jpg medea14.jpg medea15dean.jpg
medea16ian.jpg medea17.jpg medea18chris.jpg medea19dean.jpg medea20chris.jpg
medea21ian.jpg medea22ian.jpg medea23dean.jpg medea24chris.jpg medea25.jpg
medea26dean.jpg medea27chris.jpg medea28chris.jpg

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