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Konnichiwa minna-sa! Just in case you wondering, C.P. Senshi are my friends and I. There's me, Chrisy,(AKA Tina) Sailor Moon; Eli, Sailor Pluto; Carrie, Sailor Uranus; Shelly, Sailor Neptune; Eri, Sailor Saturn; Maggie, Sailor Venus; Angel, Sailor Jupiter; Sara, Sailor Mars; and Shy, Sailor Mercury! Oh, yeah! I can't forget the infamous, Sailor Scully! Together We are the C.P. Senshi! Protecting our tiny, little, istsy-bitsy, puny little town and Ottawa, from the worst scum of the universe! (Oh, wait! That copywrited!) This page contains links, and info. So, enjoy yourselfs! And one last thing, Tsuki ni kawatte oshioki yo!

Attention All FanFic Writers!

If you like writing fanfics, and want to write with another author, please contact me! Or if you have a fanfic you would like me to post, I will gladly do so!
Also, please tell me what you think of my page!


Chapter 1!: The first chapter of C.P. Senshi.
The Silver Millennium: Another of my homepages.
Greanbeans Homepage: A kewl homepage with links, and a great OUter Senshi fanfic, College Life.
Save Our Sailor: If your a true Moonie you SHOULD know what this is.
Men In Black Homepage: The official MiB homepage! (I *luv* that movie!)
A page for Meatball Head: My C-Daughter's Homepage. With Bios and links.
Crystal Keep: The home of Sailor Moon Universal, and Universal B, with lots of fanfics and links.
Lyric Moon: This is a site of pretty much all of the lyrics to the japanese series.
Naoko Takeushi Support Campaign: I guess you could call it a shrine to Naoko-sensei.
Karl's Nigh-Inevitable Homepage: Containing links to all of Karl's homepages.
Are You an Abductee: Do you think you were abducted by aliens? Take this quiz and find out!
The Much Music Homepage: Music, music, and more music... And absolutely NOTHING to do with Sailor Moon!

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