BLOODBUCKET PRODUCTIONS is an extreme metal record label based in Canada, the Ukraine and the U.S.A!! BLOODBUCKET PRODUCTIONS was born in 1998 with the only premise being, to release and distribute the most extreme forms of metal/music from Canada and the rest of the world!! BLOODBUCKET PRODUCTIONS is run by people who are totally into and supportive of the music they represent. The only music found on the label is extreme!! BLOODBUCKET RPODUCTIONS is your number one source for obsucre/extreme metal music, literature and merchandise worldwide!!

A mirror of the BLOODBUCKET PRODUCTIONS webpage in French and German, are online now!!

have signed and represent the following bands:

CASTRUM - Medieval Death/Thrash Metal (UKR)

CUNTWORM - Industrialized Black Metal (USA):

HELLACAUST - Fast Evil Blackend Speed Metal (CAN)

HORDE OF WORMS - Canadian Blast Metal (CAN)

MANIAC - Raw & Dirty Thrash Metal Attack (CAN)

SCABLORD - Sick Vile Gorecrust (CAN)

THROB OF OFFAL - Gutteral Gore Metal (JAP)

TIME OF DEATH... - Instrumetal Extremity (CAN)

BLOODBUCKET PRODUCTIONS also carries a wide variety of extreme music and merchandise from many other underground and major labels/distros and independent bands from around the world, making BLOODBUCKET PRODUCTIONS a truly unique record label and distro! Check out the "Catalogue" for a complete listing of available titles at killer prices!!

The future sees the mighty BLOODBUCKET PRODUCTIONS expanding our empire and releasing more lethal albums by CUNTWORM, HORDE OF WORMS, CASTRUM and MANIAC in 2007 and beyond!! BLOODBUCKET PRODUCTIONS is always looking for unique and original extreme metal bands for possible deals, so if you feel that your band is extreme and unique please send us your demos!

BLOODBUCKET PRODUCTIONS is also a concert and tour promoter in Canada. Each BbP office is deeply rooted in their perspective scenes and always supportive of the metal underground. If you are touring or a local act that needs assistance, get in touch with us

If you are a fellow metal label and would like your titles distributed through BLOODBUCKET PRODUCTIONS (Canada, Ukraine, USA)contact any Bloodbucket office with any questions. A true passion for metal and a desire to support the worldwide scene and extreme music is what we are about, no compromises!!! Rip offs beware, we do our research.

Bloodbucket Productions (dHead Office)
1 Anglesey Blvd, Suite B Islington, Ontario
Canada M9A 3B2


Bloodbucket Productions Europe
Yarockaya Str. 7 88000 Uzhgorod


Bloodbucket Productions America
180 St. John Church Road Elizabethtown, Kentucky 42701





Bloodbucket Productions Releases

CD - 2008 - BPCD1320

HELLACAUST - Dark Age Decending
CD - 2008 - BPCD1319

TIME OF DEATH - Forever Trapped In A Broken Mirror
CD - 2008 - BPCD1317

MANIAC - Fast And Deadly
CD - 2007 - BPCD1314

BLOODBUCKET PROD. - Buckets Of Blood Vol.3
CD - 2007 - BPCD1316

CASTRUM - Phenomenonsense
eCD - 2006 - BPCD1315

CUNTWORM - Aria Des Vampyr
CD - 2006 - BPCD1311

THROB OF OFFAL - Moss Funeral
CD - 2005 - BPCD1312

BLOODBUCKET PROD. - Buckets Of Blood Vol.2
CD - 2004 - BPCD1310

TIME OF DEATH... - The Last Breath Of The Dying
CD - 2005 - BPCD1309

HORDE OF WORMS - The Uncreation
CD - 2003 - BPCD1308

CASTRUM - Mysterious Yet Unwearied
CD - 2003 - BPCD1307

BLOODBUCKET PROD. - Buckets Of Blood Vol.1
CD - 2003 - BPCD1306

HORDE OF WORMS - Wormageddon
MCD - 2002 - BPCD1303

CASTRUM - Hatenourisher
CD - 2001 - BPCD1304

HORDE OF WORMS - Dreams And Dying Eyes
CD - 1999 - BPCD1302

HORDE OF WORMS - Horde Of Worms
CD - 1997 - BPCD13