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The Horse

"My treasures do not clink together or glitter
They gleam in the sun and neigh in the night"
Old Arab Proverb

The Horse's Prayer

Welcome to THE HORSE. This site was designed with the horse lover in mind and dedicated to a very special Arabian gelding, SurLaur. You were my best friend while growing up and I miss you very much.

Please click on poem to read his story.

Horses are a universal treasure. To learn more about these wonderful creatures, please click on the topic of your choice. Enjoy your stay.

Horse Quips/Sayings / Equine History / Caring for your Horse / Equine Massage / General Information / Horses and Water / Rescue/Abuse Issues / Breed Descriptions / Breed Temperament / Styles of Riding / Health and Development / First Aid Information / Stable Plans / Repairs / Accident Proof Your Barn / Trailer Shopping / Used Trailers / Money Saving Tips / Equine Link (Add Yours) / Arabian Gallery / Equine Library

Here is a humorous look at cows

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