Sur's Story
Sur Laur
foaled February 23, 1969
fate unknown

(Laureate x Fadsura) Paternal great-great grandsire - Skowronek; Maternal great-great grandsire - *Raseyn
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No ride is ever the last one. No horse is ever the last one you will have. Somehow there will always be other horses, other places to ride them."
Monica Dickens

Sur's Story

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This is his freezebrand

**UPDATE** 8/12/99 --- It has been one year since my last update and I have gotten no further in my search for Sur. I must resign to the fact that I have lost him forever. I can only hope that he has forgiven me for my selfishness that I displayed just before I lost him. I hope to be reunited with him again someplace other than this world. I will take comfort in knowing that I still have the memories of the two of us together, and no one will ever be able to take that from me.
Thank you, Sur, for the wonderful rides you have given me and the comfort you provided when I needed you. I will never forget you.

8/7/98 -- Well, I have come to a dead end in my search for Sur. I found out that this man, Bill Holland, is not in Stephenville, if he even was to begin with. I have contacted, several times, the Stephenville Horse Auction. I only get a recording, I leave message after message and no one will return my calls. I am afraid that this man does not live in the area and, since it was in '93 when he bought Sur at the auction, the auction house will not have the records. I don't know what else to do. I will always have him in my heart and I have a feeling that he is probably at the Rainbow Bridge waiting for me now. I hate to give up my search, I feel like I am giving up on him, but I am at a loss. I don't have any other moves to make.

6/19/98 -- Finally, I received Sur's registration papers in the mail. Boy, I miss him. Mrs. Schulz (previous owner) had one of her friends sell Sur to a man named Bill Holland in Stephenville, Texas in January of 1993 at the Stephenville horse auction. He assured this friend that he was going to be a child's horse and the purchase price was more than the killer price. I have sent flyers to the local vets there and I have got a phone number for a Willie Holland that I am hoping is the same person. Keep you fingers crossed.

5/12/98 --- It seems I am getting a little closer to finding Sur. I spoke with his previous owner, a very nice lady who bought Sur for her young son (Steven) to ride. He soon grew tired of horses and Sur was put on their yard as a "lawnmower". I know what a good lawnmower he could be. She ended up selling him to someone for more than she would get from the "killers", THANK GOD!!! (she sold him for $400, I can't believe he was sold for so little, perfect health, perfectly straight legs, a real sweetheart) That person didn't want Sur's papers because of his age. (seems a little suspicious to me) (the previous owner said that she will send me his papers :-)) Anyway, the previous owner has told me that this all took place about 4 years ago and she believes he is somewhere in Stephenville, Texas. So, my search has turned to that city. I hope I find good news.


I would like to tell why I chose to create this page. I began my love for horses when I was 11. I was born in Florida and we moved to Magnolia, Texas when I was 9. We moved on 4 acres and my parents bought my sister and me our own horses. We both took riding lessons and my sister grew tired of riding, while I thrived on it. We soon purchased another horse. An 11 year old white Arabian gelding by the name of Sur Laur. He was the best horse. We quickly became friends, trusting each other completely. We rode in shows and around the neighborhood. He was so gentle and trusting, as I was with him. I could put a halter and lead rope on him, ride him bareback throughout the neighborhood without any problems. I could drop the rope on him and he would lead me home. He was the best friend I had. We were together for 7 years and we went through alot together. He was like the grandfather of our small herd of Arabians.

After I graduated high school, I moved away and parents sold the farm and moved out of state and I never saw Sur again.

It was not until several years later, I called the Arabian Horse Registry to find the fate of the horses we had owned, (we ultimately developed our small farm into an Arabian breeding program). I found that Sur was registered to a man in Brownwood, Texas. I have written letters and tried to contact him, but unfortunately, I have received no response. I would love to know what happened to Sur after he was sold. His registration number is 56779, foaled on 2/23/69, he would be 29 now. He has a small, fuzzy forelock and a sparse mane and tail. He has wonderfully straight legs with a scar about 3" long on the inside of his right rear leg, just above his knee. He has a freeze-brand on his right side under his mane, see above. I would give anything to know if he is still alive, or if he has passed away, what kind of life he had after he left our farm.

If anyone has any suggestions as to how I can find him, I would be most appreciative. The registry only keeps so much information in their files. Unless this person calls with a change of address, new owner, or a death certificate for Sur, I will never know. It is killing me inside not knowing what has happened to him. I am posting his picture here and will have more shortly.

Please, if anyone has any information regarding the whereabouts of this horse, Sur Laur, please contact me. It would do my heart good to know.

Thank you for reading this message and if you have a horse of your own, please take care of them and try to always keep in touch with new owners.

Sur's story was published in the Arabian Horse World, and the Arabian Horse Times.
I say thank you to these publications for their support in my effort to find Sur.


I should have never left you.
I didn't know this could happen to such a wonderful horse.
I thought you would be here for me forever. I was young, I didn't know.
You were my friend. We went everywhere together. Remember going to the lake?
Oh, how you hated the water. But you would stand there,
with your ears straight forward, ever alert,
listening for a sound I couldn't hear.
You were my protector when we went riding.
You always watched out for me and were careful with me.
I remember falling off and you just standing there, wondering
what I am doing on the ground.
You would nudge me to get back up on you.
I did, and you took me home.
I wouldn't even have to lead you, you knew where you were going.
I could ride you bareback with just a halter and lead
and you would take me around the yard or around the neighborhood.
You were so gentle and caring.
I loved you.

I should have never left you.
I took it for granted that you would always be there.
I remember you used to pace in front of the gate and knicker to us to come and feed you.
You knew when it was time to eat, when it was time to change pastures,
when it was time for bed. Sometimes, you would just
get tired of being in one pasture, open the gate with your muzzle and go to another.
I remember finding you down the street at Shadow's house.
You would be in there with him, eating grass.
When I would come to get you, you would come right up to me
and let me take you home.
You were a good listener. When I needed to talk and I didn't think anyone would listen to me, you did.
You never judged me, you just listened and were there for me.
You were a good trainer for me. You took me through shows proudly.
We may not have won all the blue ribbons,
but you taught me how to be proud of myself.
You were patient with me while I learned to ride you.
I loved you.

I should have never left you.
I think about you all the time. I have your picture on my wall.
I wonder how and where you are. What kind of life you had after you left us
Did your new owner treat you the way you deserved? With caring and respect.
Did you train another little girl? Did you teach her how to respect herself
and how to hold her head high and be proud of her accomplishments?
I loved you.

My horse, SurLaur,
I treasure the moments we had together and I will never forget you.
I loved you then and I will always love you.

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