"Only lit by moonlight and the brilliance of my eye, that midnight ride of Paul Revere's was under a black, black sky. Black as my mane, black as the wind. From New England sprang my fame, and from Justin Morgan came my name."

Horses of the Sun
Robert Vavra


A good solid student and a fast learner, the Morgan gives you his full attention even if you haven't earned it. Rarely has to be told twice.

A willing, diligent hard worker that's reported to look forward to his job every day. It has been said that you can't wear a Morgan out.

The Morgan is easy-going, spirited but easily managed. Courageous and not easily frightened. When he does get frightened, his flight impulse is low; he controls his fear and looks for your guidance.

When asked to do something he doesn't want to do he is adaptable and compliant. Eager to please and accommodating.

His self-protection impulse is low. If you apply a painful treatment, he tends to tolerate it without lashing out.

There are notable distinctions between the personality characteristics of the chunky "old-type" Morgans and the more recent "park-type". The latter contains American Saddlebred blood, infused mid-century to get the park-like movement. The Saddlebred type Morgans are described as high-strung and reactive, but every bit as intelligent as the old type.

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Reference picture courtesy of Aljack Acres
Background picture courtesy of Bossert Ranch
Head shot courtesy of Whistler's Morgan Farm

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