Quarter Horse

Quarter Horse

A fast learner and reasonably solid student. The Quarter horse acts as though the standard Western-type activities are just what he was bred for, which they are. They are generally adaptable, patient and compliant.

When asked to do something he doesn't want to do, he generally figures out quickly that it's easier to switch than fight. The Quarter horse is not particularly reactive to scary stimuli and not particularly prone to overreact when something does scare him. He has a low flight impulse and an average to slightly below average self-protection impulse. He is likely to bear painful treatments as well.

This breed is the hands-down choice for someone looking for a "using horse". Because top-level breeders originally bred Quarter horses for psychological as well as physical characteristics, they've evolved as a very trainable breed. Within the Quarter horse breed, however, are unofficial "sub-breeds" bred to specialize in such events as Western pleasure, reining, cutting, hunt-seat events, racing and halter. Expect the pedigree strains within those disciplines to be reflected in the mind of the horse. For example; cow-bred, "foundation" type Quarter horses are said to be mellow. However, an Appendix Quarter horse, with its infusion of Thoroughbred blood can be closer in temperament ot its Thoroughbred cousin.

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Reference: Horse & Rider; November 1998

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