A reasonably fast learner, the Thoroughbred may require an extra lesson or two, but ultimately learns well. May initially have concentration problems due to preoccupation with fright and/or flight concerns.

General temperament is said to be high-strung and overreactive. Many call the Thoroughbred emotional. This can mask the breed's intelligence by overwhelming a horse's ability to reason making him appear stupid. For example, Thoroughbreds have been known to get hysterical when separated from buddies, crashing through obstacles with self-destructive zeal or flipping over bacward in cross-ties.

When asked to do something he doesn't want to do he may react with fear or flat refusal. Fright is a common reaction with a high flight response. Self-protection impulse tends to be high as well.

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Reference: Horse & Rider; November 1998

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Reference picture courtesy of McDermott Ranch

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