The following pages would not be possible without the contributions of many different people. As the creator of these pages, I assume the responsibility for errors of omission or inaccuracy. By no means are the pages to follow complete and much work remains.

Many people have contributed to these pages and to them I express my sincerest appreciation:

Charles (Chick) F. Adams who has spent the last thirty years researching our family roots. After eight years of losing contact, we are again looking to share more information to continue developing these pages.

Herbert and Wilma Adams of Vincennes, Indiana who were my first contacts in Knox County. They were very generous in sharing their branch of the Adams family and showing me their ancestor's grave sites. Wilma has traced her husband's family to northern Ireland with the family coming to this country on August , 1750. Our two Adams clans lived and worked together which gives the impression of a possible family link. As of this time, we have not yet been able to confirm a family link to their branch.

Thanks goes to Nellie Frye who contributed valuable old photos, Bible entries, news clippings and tales of the Adams family. Nellie links to Henry Adams, one of Samuel and Margaret's sons.

Harold Wilson who generously added information on the Adams and Wilson family relationships. His kindness and support is greatly appreciated.

Words fall short of expressing my appreciation to the Summitt family circle. They have been most gracious in accepting another distant family member into their group. Look for their links on the Samuel Alton and Margaret Summitt Adams page. They have done a terrific job on their family history. Thanks to Dan, Paul C., Paul M., John Allen and Julia Miller.

I am going to suggest an honorary Adams family membership to Eric Stites of Mount Hope, Kansas. Although not a family member, he has been our eyes and ears in Mount Hope. I took a chance and e-mailed him when I found an entry that he made in a guestbook. I thought that was the closest I would find any body to Mount Hope. Eric has gone out of his way and located our ancestor's graves in the Mount Hope Cemetery. I was even able to talk with a descendent of Miles William and Hannah Adams.

My appreciation to Sherry Adams of Wichita who supplied information on James Robert and Ada Whiteman Adams family descendents as well as Miles William and Hannah Adams.

My thanks to Robert Irl Adams of Pennsylvania for contibuting much information on our Adams branch in Kansas. That helped alot Bob.

A son's appreciation to his father and late mother for their eagerness in waiting for the next word on our family history. Their support has been great. To my mother for her idea to take photo copies of old pictures to a one hour developer to make prints. They turned out great.

Special thanks to Larose A. (Adams) Wynne, a new found Adams with origins in Gibson County, Indiana. Who knows what future research will unfold. Another Adams relative?

A new found relative it appears has been found. Mrs. Larrie L. Hayden has made contact with me from Montana. It looks like her great great grandfather was a second or third cousin to my Samuel Alton Adams. Larrie is researching with relatives to see if we can confirm parents of her John Adams and my Samuel Alton Adams.

What can I say about Lloyd Adams, not a direct relative but a true friend. Lloyd has contributed much on the history and times of Knox County and the general area. He has been tireless in his contribution to the understanding of how our relatives lived during this period of time.

Last but definitely not least, to Vanessa for her support while I sit in front of the screen and type away. I think that she is now getting the geneological bug.

If I have missed any one, please accept my apology for the oversight. Let me know so that I may add you to this page.

You are the visitor to this page. Thank you for joining us.

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