Samuel Alton and Margaret (Summitt) Adams

"Light the path to my ancestors."

Samuel Alton Adams

b. 19 Oct 1819 p. Indiana

Married: 6 Oct 1840
25 Nov 1895 p. Mt. Hope, Kansas Cemetery: Mt. Hope Cemetery

Margaret (Aunt Mary) Summitt
b. 1822 p. Indiana
7 Feb 1883 p. Knox County, Indiana. She died at 62 years, 2 months and 13 days. Cemetery: Reel Methodist Chapel

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Samuel seems to have been educated for his time in history. From what little that I have learned, he appeared to be a prosperous farmer. He served for four years as a justice-of-the-peace and gives the impression of a respected member of the community. Samuel did remarry after the death of Margaret. An interesting word-of-mouth from descendents is that the older sons told Samuel that they would bury him next to Margaret after he died. He said that they wouldn't do that. They said they would. Apparently a short time later he left for Mt. Hope, Kansas with at least his son Miles William. James Robert went to Iowa.I have no idea what may have caused this reaction.

Margaret was affectionately referred to as Aunt Mary. She was not able to read or write. She signed a legal document with an "X" and was listed in the 1870 census as not being able to read or write. I wish that there was more known about her. The fact that the elder children wanted to bury their father next to her tends to show the respect and love that they must have had for her.

The Children of Samuel and Margaret

F Catharine b. 1842 p. Indiana d.

F Susanna b. 1846 p. Indiana d.

M Henry b. 1847 p. Indiana d.

M John b. 11 June 1849 Indiana d. 27 May 1937

M William G. b. 23 Feb 1851 p. Indiana d. 14 Jan 1903

F Margaret b. 1853 p. Indiana d.

M Samuel b. 1854 p. Indiana d.

M George Washington b. 1856 p. Indiana d. 1922

M Joseph b. 1858 p. Indiana d.

M Miles William b. 1861 p. Indiana d.1919 p. Mt. Hope, Kansas

M James Robert b. 4 Feb 1866 d. p. Mt. Hope,Kansas

NOTATION: There was a listing on the 1860 census for an A.R. Adams. This listing was not on the 1870 census.I don't know if this was a census posting error, a child that died young, or the reference, word-of-mouth, of Samuel Alton Adams' father as being an A.R. Adams.

Samuel Alton Adams married a second time after the death of Margaret. He married a Rose Ann Roe on 30 Aug 1883. Recorded in Book C-11, page 13. Record books on file at Lewis Library, Vincennes University, Vincennes, Indiana.

Census Information

1870 Census For United States

Page 50
Dwelling Number 328
Family Number 334

Samuel A. Adams, age: 50, sex: M, Color: W, Occupation: Farmer, Value Real Estate: 1830, Value Personal Property: 1200, Birth Place: Indiana, Eligible to vote.

Margaret, age: 49, sex: F, Color: W, Occupation: K.H., can't read or write.

William G., age: 19, sex: M, Color: W, Occupation: None

Margaret, age: 17, sex: F, Color: W, Occupation:None, in school

Samuel, age: 16, sex: M, Color: W, Occupation: at home, In school.

George W., age: 14, sex: M, Color:W, Occupation: no entry, In school.

Joseph, age: 12, sex: M, Color: W, Occupation: no entry, In school.

Miles, age: 8, sex: M, Color: W, Occupation: no listing. In school.

James R., age: 5, sex: M, Color: W, Occupation: no listing. Not in school yet.


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