About The Palace...

The Palace visual chat software let's you communicate interactively online in rich visual environments. You create personalized "avatars" that allow you to be "seen" online. You can express yourself with sounds, space, and movement as well as text. Conversation appears in speech balloons next to the avatars, making it much easier to follow than boring text-based chat. (copyed from the palace page, but this is all true) In addition to this, if I may add, you make a lot of new and great friends from different places. I know lots of people from all around the world from Palace and it's really a great place to be! If you were wondering what is in Palace that's an action for , if the person's grinning. LOL= Laughing Out Loud. BRB= Be Right Back. AFK= Away From Keyboard... you get my point. You'll learn these sooner or later.

My List of Palace Links...

The Palace: The offical site and where you can download it!
Welcome to The Palace!: Another offical site of the Palace.
eLpack's Xena:Warrior Palace People Directory: A directory of my friends' pages on Palace.
Links of my friends' page's on Palace!:
Xena: Warrior Palace Screen Captures: By me!

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