How The Heck Do I put A Background On ???

Before I give you the code, I'd like to explain a couple of things.
Ohhhh I know, explainations get tiresome, but I do think that its important that you understand the "whys" before you get the " hows " so it has a better chance of making sense to you.

There are a couple of main ways you can apply a background. One is using
<<>body bgcolor="whatever color name or number you want here">
<<>body background="http://the URL of the background here">

Whats the difference ? Well, if you begin by using the one that says

<<>body bgcolor="color here

you'll get something like THIS ,just a plain "wash" of color that can really be a great background when you attach images and things.
If you use the one that says

<<>body background="http://url of background here">

You'll have selected a background, gotten the URL and attached a background in the way that I have done with this page you are viewing with the blue pattern.

What to watch for ??

  1. Spelling counts!

  2. The tip of each bracket MUST touch , tip to tip as below.

  3. When you begin with the first keystroke, start typing and don't force the code to another line with your space bar. It will seek a new line when it needs it on it's own. Later we will see occassions where a forced line change will help, but for now just type the code with natural word spacing and being careful to leave ONE space between the words "body" and "bgcolor" or between the words "body" and "background".

  4. The quotation marks DO need to be in the right places.

    THAT'S IT, so type the code for the results you want. Use either the plain background color or the attached design or pattern using the URL you have found.

    The entire code so far will look like this and must be typed EXACTLY as shown with noooo errors.
    <<>html><<>body bgcolor="color here"><<>/body><<>/html>


    <<>html><<>body background="http://URL of the background here"><<>/body><<>/html>

    If you need sources for color names or numbers or for backgrounds, click on the logo below, and look under the appropriate headings.Or if you have all that, you can click on