Welcome to the Gallery of armor. This gallery uses pictures that I scanned from various books that illustrates
the many varieties of armor. All the pictures here are full sized, so I only put 8 to a page.

Armor for the tilt of Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester, c. 1575.

Armor of the Elector Otto Heinrich, Count Palatine of the Rhine, c. 1520.

Helm hung over tomb of Sir Richard Pembridge, d. 1375.

Horse armor, c. 1450

Armor of a Vogt of Matsch, c. 1390.

Armor for Emperor Maximilian I, c. 1480.

Armor of Count Galeazzo da Arco, c. 1445.

Foot-combat armor of Claude de Vaudrey, Chamberlain of Burgandy, c. 1500.

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