Looking at Life from one Christian's World View

Welcome to the most important part of my site. Sure, I enjoy the writing, the humor and the science fiction stuff. It's fun to surf the links and I even hope that you go shopping from some of the links I have for that.

All of those would be worthless were it not for the importance of this part of the site. I call it "Looking at Life From One Christian's World View" because I believe that there is no huge vast "Christian World View" that causes all Christians to walk lock step in mindless obedience.

Instead, Christians, because of a commitment that comes from grace...the Grace of God...recognize their need to live according to God's standards. The interesting thing about that is that not all Christians agree on everything. In fact, we often seem to be at odds.

You don't have to agree with me, but if you, as a Christian disagree, I would hope that you can show me why I am wrong Biblically! I am always willing to change my opinion where it is in conflict with God's Word. For those of you who just don't like the way some of the stuff I write or some of the places I link to, at least be honest enough to examine what is said in light of the Scriptures.

And, if you are not a Christian, I invite you to examine the claims of Jesus Christ as well as the way I interpret those claims. Please feel free to give me any feedback you want. Click on my answering machine and let me know what you think. If there are enough relevant comments, I'll post them here...

What does it take to be a Christian?

A view of eternity: This page talks about what anyone needs to do to become a Christian.
My story -- How I came to know Jesus Christ as my Savior.
Choosing a Church : We just recently went through the process of choosing a church. Maybe our struggle will help you.
Coming Soon! How to Grow Spiritually With a Computer !!!

Look at the world from a Christian Perspective!

Maranatha Christian Journal

My Christian Writings

The Ultimate Sin
A biblical look at what many of today's people, especially teenagers would call the ultimate sin.
Can a Christian be a racist? What is racism?
Is the church * REALLY * full of hypocrites? If so, what can we do about it?
What does it mean for a Christian to be free?
What a wonderful idea...God's Grace. Examine what that means here.
God: the Ultimate Grandmaster
Looking at the Christian life as a game of Chess.
Why is it we always have excuses for our actions. How should we act when we are wrong?

Some Great Christian Music...

A Christian Music Online CD Shop
Stop here for the best in Christian Music
Crystal Lewis -- Beauty for Ashes Album
This album has helped me worship in some very difficult times. We have enjoyed it tremendously!
A mixture of great contemporary and easy listening Christian Artists trying to answer the question, "What would Jesus do?"
Rebecca St. James "God"
When I asked my son about this album, he exclaimed, It's great! It is the one I am playing while I compose this page!
WOW! The top 30 Christian songs and artists of 1998
Have you just started listening to Christian Music? This medly will help you decide which artists are your favorites! Great to have playing in the background for others to hear...
Michelle Tumes - "Listen"
She is a new artist and I think she is GREAT! I bought the album just hearing two songs.