Thinking Day Resources for Girl Scouts

Thinking Day is such a wonderful opportunity to get girls involved in learning by letting them research a country & share their new knowledge with other troops. But it isn't always easy to get information on the "little used" countries...or to get new information on the countries everyone seems to choose.

With that in mind, I am collecting web links to help solve this problem. The original list came from the WAGGGS-L list serve (If it was your post, please e-mail me & I will give credit.) I will continue searching for links to various countries & would love submissions from anyone else. Let me know what you have found useful!

These links are still being checked to see if the addresses are typed correctly & that the sites are still up. If you find a dead link, let me know!

Index of Links

General Links Algeria Antigua & Barbados Argentina Aruba Australia
Austria Bahamas Bali Barbados Belize Belgium
Bermuda Bonaire Brazil British Virgin Islands Cambodia Canada (& provinces)
Cayman Islands Chile China Costa Rica Curacao Cyprus
Denmark Dominican Republic Dubai EgyptEthiopiaFalkland Islands
Fiji Finland France Germany Great Britain Greece
Grenada Guam Guatemala Honduras Hong Kong Hungary
India Indonesia Ireland Israel Italy Jamaica
Japan Jordan Kenya Korea Lithuania Luxembourg
MacauMalaysiaMaltaMartinique Mexico Monaco
Morocco Nepal Netherlands New Zealand Nicaragua Norway
Peru Phillipines Poland Portugal Romania Russia
St. Kitts - Nevis St. Lucia St. Maarten Samoa Scotland Singapore
South Africa Spain Sri Lanka Sweden Switzerland Tahiti
Taiwan Thailand Trinidad & Tobago Tunisia Turkey Turks & Caicos
Uganda Uruguay Wales

Links to Web Resources for Thinking Day

Generally Useful Resources

Thinking Day Central: A good resource site for Girl Scouts.

The Guide Zone: Another excellent resource that has basic information on Scout/Guide organizations world-wide!

3D Atlas of Online Countries: Gives a brief overview of the country;s history & gives lots of other useful links for that country. A very complete resource!

Countries of the World by Infoplease: Another very complete resource,includes topics such as Geography Maps Flag History Current ruler Area Population Capital Largest cities Languages Ethnicity/race Religion Government!

Mr. Dowling's Electronic Passport: This site was put together by a teacher, & includes lesson plans & activities about various countries/regions of the world & also many periods of world history. It is easy to take these & modify them to your needs.

Tourism Offices Worldwide Directory: Can't find what you are looking for in the links on this page? This site will let you look up almost any country's tourism office on-line.

World Flag Database: A good resource for getting your Thinking Day country's flag for your display.


Resources for Specific Countries

Algeria: Algeria Tourism
Algeria: The CIA World Factbook: Algeria

Antigua & Barbuda: Antigua & Barbuda Tourism

Argentina: Argentina Tourism

Aruba:The Official government gateway to the Island of Aruba
Aruba : Aruba Tourism

Australia: Australia Tourism

Austria: Austria Tourism

Bahamas: Bahamas Tourism

Bali:Indonesia Tourism

Barbados:Barbados Tourism

Belize: Belize Tourism

Belgium: Belgium Tourism

Bermuda: Bermuda Tourism

Bonaire: Bonaire Tourism

Brazil: Brazil Tourism

British Virgin Islands: British Virgin Islands Tourism

Cambodia: Cambodia Tourism

Canada: Canada Tourism
Alberta: Alberta Tourism
British Columbia: British Columbia Tourism
Manitoba: Manitoba Tourism
New Brunswick: New Brunswick Tourism
Newfoundland & Labrador: Newfoundland & Labrador Tourism
Northwest Territories: Northwest Territories Tourism
Nova Scotia: Nova Scotia Tourism
Nunavut: nanavut Tourism
Ontario: Ontario Tourism
Prince Edward Island: Prince Edward Island Tourism
Quebec: Quebec Tourism
Sasketchewan: Sasketchewan Tourism
Yukon: Yukon Tourism

Cayman Islands: Cayman Islands Tourism

Chile: Chile Tourism

China: China Tourism

Costa Rica: Costa Rico Tourism

Curacao: Curacao Tourism

Cyprus: Cyprus Tourism

Denmark: Denmark Tourism

Dominican Republic: Dominican Republic Tourism

Dubai: Dubai Tourism

Egypt: Egypt Tourism
Egypt: Egypt Fun Guide, an Educational Resource by Busch Gardens
Egypt: Ancient Egypt Web Sites ( a page of links for kids)
Egypt: Color Me Egypt: Just for Kids
Egypt: Ancient Egypt Web Quest
Egypt: NOVA Online: Hieroglyphs
Egypt: Get your name in Hieroglyphics
Egypt: Egyptian Girl Guides
Egypt: NOVA Online: Make a Scale Model of the Great Pyramid
Egypt: Ancient Egypt Kid Connection

Ethiopia: Ethiopian Embassy

Falkland Islands: Falkland Islands Tourism

Fiji: Fiji Tourism

Finland: Finland Tourism

France: France Tourism
France:Les Guides de France (The French Girl Guide Association)

Germany: Germany Tourism

Great Britain: Great Britain Tourism
United Kingdom (Great Britain): British Tourism
Great Britain: 1st Burley-in-Wharfedale Brownies (great info on Brownies in the UK)

Greece: Greece Tourism
Greece: Info on Greece from the GuideZone

Grenada: Grenada Tourism

Guam:Guam Tourism

Guatemala: Guatemala Tourism

Honduras: Honduras Tourism

Hong Kong: Hong Kong Tourism

Hungary: Hungary Tourism

India: India Tourism
India: Indian Culture
India: India for Girl Scouts
India: Deepavali -The Indian Festival Of Lights

Indonesia: Indonesia Tourism

Ireland: Ireland Tourism
Northern Ireland: Northern Ireland Tourism
Northern Ireland: Ireland for Girl Scouts
Ireland: Absolutely Green: Ireland Section (Has a great map & colorable outline of Ireland!)
Ireland: St. Patrick's Day Crafts & History
Ireland: Crafts from Ireland

Israel: Israel Tourism

Italy: Italy Tourism

Jamaica: Jamaica Tourism
Jamaica: Jamaica for Girl Scouts

Japan: Japan Tourism
Japan: Japan Guide (includes customs, food, crafts, & more)
Japan: Japanese Culture from
Japan: Kids Web Japan (Information on culture, traditions, daily life & more)

Jordan: Jordan Tourism

Kenya: Kenya Tourism

Korea: Korea Tourisn

Lithuania: Lithuania Tourism

Luxembourg: Luxembourg Tourism

Macau: httpMacau Tourism

Malaysia: Malaysia Tourism

Malta: Malta Tourism

Martinique: Martinique Tourism

Mexico: Mexico Tourism

Monaco: Monaco Tourism

Morocco: Morocco Tourism

Nepal: Nepal Tourism

Netherlands: Netherlands Tourism
Netherlands: Royal Netherlands Embassy

New Zealand: New Zealand Tourism
New Zealand: Map of New Zealand
New Zealand: Basic Information about New Zealand w/ many good links.

Nicaragua: Nicaragua Tourism

Norway: Norway Tourism
Norway: Norway for Girl Scouts

Peru: Peru Tourism: Gone! Sorry!

Philippines: Phillipines Tourism
Philippines: Philippine Recipes
Philippines: More Philippine Recipes

Poland: Poland Tourism

Portugal: Portugal Tourism

Romania: Romania Tourism

Russia: Russia Tourism
Russia: The Official Guide To Russia

St. Kitts-Nevis: St. Kitts-Nevis Tourism

St. Lucia: St. Lucia Tourism

St. Maarten: St. Maarten Tourism

Samoa: Samoa Tourism

Scotland: Scotland Tourism

Singapore: Singapore Tourism

South Africa: South Africa Tourism
South Africa: Guide Net South Africa

Spain: Spain Tourism

Sri Lanka: Sri Lanka Tourism

Sweden: Sweden Tourism

Switzerland: Switzerland Tourism
Switzerland: Swiss Guide & Scout Movement Web Site

Tahiti: Tahiti Tourism

Taiwan: Taiwan Tourism

Thailand: Thailand Tourism

Trinidad & Tobago: Trinidad & Tobago Tourism

Tunisia: Tunisia Tourism

Turkey: Turkey Tourism

Turks & Caicos: Turks & Caicos Tourism

Uganda: Uganda Tourism

Uruguay: Uruguay Tourism

Wales: Wales Tourism

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