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"Wild Side Of Life"
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The border for this page is one of my high school photos. This border is made exclusively for my web  site, please do not download it or use it on any web site.


Photo of My sister and me

Many years ago my sister and her husband came 
to Phoenix, AZ. to visit me, and here we are all 
dressed up with our 1960's petal curl hair style 
ready to go out to dinner

Photo of me

Friends kept asking me where is your picture--so here it is.

My Time
by : Mary Barfoot


     This is my time, I'm going to take it,
     I may have fell before, 
     but this time I'll make it
     I've been pushed and been shoved,
     fell out of the race
     But I'm standing now,
     I'm tired of that pace
     I'm going to run, and I'm going to win
     Get out of my way, this is my day
     And I've Arrived

     I took a long time to just get here
     I'll face my future without any fear
     I'll look through the rain,
     and I'll find the sun
     When the winner is named,
     I'll be the one
     You can't stop me now, I'm on my way
     Just step aside,
     this is my time
     And I've Arrived

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