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My Mom

I wrote this poem for my mother.  She always seemed young to me.  She thought young and had an innocence about her.  She was my best friend.  She left this world in June 1989.  I still miss her so very much.  This page is for my mom with all my love   

She's Not Old
by Mary B

"How old is your mother?",
A friend asked me
"She is not old at all", I said
A lot of years have passed
But they couldn't age her
This lady made angels in the snow
Now how could she be old?

I think she still does more than me
She walks to the market
Makes dolls and goes to lodge
She teaches a Sunday School class
She loves to shop all day
I've never made almond cookies

When I was in school she was
The prettiest mother there
Look at her picture I have it right here
I don't see many changes, do you?
My children love grandma to come
She tells better stories than me

"She's lived a long time", some say,
She plans to live to a hundred and three
Did I tell you she bought a bicycle?
I never think of her as old you see
She's always doing, planning, and going
She's not old, she's younger than me

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