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 Show Links

CBS Chicago Hope Web Companion

The official Chicago Hope site, on the CBS Network's server. It is a good resource but is accessible only through the main page of CBS.

Steen's Chicago Hope Homepage

The very first Chicago Hope homepage, now the archive of the golden first two years.

Angie's Chicago Hope Page

Everything, really everything, you want to find out about the show and the actors.

Dave's Chicago Hope Page

Nice site with pics, links and Nielsen Ratings for the latest episode aired.

Tara's Web Experiment

A page about Chicago Hope and Law & Order. It has info and trivia about both series.

Channel 7 Calgary -- Chicago Hope Page

A site containing audio-video clips of the show. It also lists the next episode Channel 7 is going to air.

RyanSite Chicago Hope

A nice site with frames and a corner for Chicago Hope.

Chicago Hope Soundtrack Page

So, were you one of those who tuned in to Chicago Hope because of its great theme? This, and more songs heard during the episodes are in this soundtrack, advertised on this page.

The Drama Page

Who said you gotta be either a fan of Chicago Hope or ER? Both of those great series are featured on this page, as well as the X-Files. Has also a few pictures.

Rave's E-Zine

A site generally about TV and movies, but has a separate page for Chicago Hope as well.

Chicago Hope Fourth Season Summaries

Detailed and good summaries of the 4th season episodes by an 'insider'.

Audrey's Chicago Hope Page

A site containing info about the cast.

The Billy & Diane Page

Nice site despite being under construction. The title leaves less to the imagination ;-).

SungWook's Chicago Hope Page

Still being set up.

Katie's Chicago Hope Page

DrCHope's Home Page 2

The Kronk and Grad Shrine Chicago Hope

A couple of links and some audio.

Channel Seven Australia Chicago Hope

Channel 7's Chicago Hope home page. Good design.

The Chicago Hope Photo Gallery II

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Fan Fiction

The Chicago Hope Fan Fiction Archive

The first fan fiction archive, which now contains only the best stories.

The East Side Clinic

THE archive, containing about every piece of Chicago Hope fan fiction ever been published. Maintained by Christa.

Chicago Hope Fan Fiction

Not much there at the moment, but hopefully that'll change soon.

Gail's Fan Fiction Page

This page contains good pieces of fan fiction written by Gail.

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Cast Links

The Present

Christine Lahti Homepage

Alan and Adam Arkin, and Chicago Hope Page maintained by Geri Hayes

Adam Arkin Fan Page maintained by Stephanie Souders.

The Official Homepage of Adam Arkin

The Daily Show with Adam Arkin

Simply Berg…

Dedicated to Peter Berg who plays Dr. Billy Kronk

A Peter Berg Page

Another Peter Berg Page

T.G.I.F.--The Thomas Gibson Internet Fanpage

The "Officially Unofficial" Thomas Gibson Appreciation Page

ChrystalDharma's Thomas Gibson CelebPage

The Mark Harmon Fan Page

The first page devoted to Mark Harmon (Dr. Jack McNeil)

Mark Harmon Links

Contains some Chicago Hope links as well.

The Daily Show with Mark Harmon

Hector Elizondo Homepage

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The Past

The PeterMacNicol Home Page

The Mandy Patinkin Experiment

An Evening with Mandy Patinkin


The Recurring

The Ron Silver Home Page

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The Future

The Only Eric Stoltz Page

A page dedicated to Eric Stoltz, who will play Dr. Robert Yeats starting with the 3rd episode of the 5th season.

Stacy Edwards Shrine

A page devoted to Stacy Edwards, who plays Dr. Lisa Catera (season 4+)

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E-mail and News

The Chicago Hope Newsgroup

"The Chicago Hope Mailing List managed by Angie Hill

To subscribe, click on the link above and put:

Subscribe chicagohope your email_address

Into the body of the message. For the digest version, write:

Subscribe chicagohope-digest your email_address

Chicago Hope Fan Fiction Mailing List managed by Marlene E. Morley

To subscribe, click on the link above and put subscribe into the body of the message.

The Mandy Patinkin Newsgroup

Christine Lahti Mailing List

To subscribe, send a blank message with subscribe in the subject line.

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