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Eve's Compromise - A Joke


Eve walked with the Lord and thanked Him every day for the Beautiful Garden of Eden.


One day, she asked the Creator, "Lord, why is it that creeping things, and the beasts of the field, walk two by two but I am alone?


The Lord answered, "I have only waiting for you to ask. I have the perfect mate for you. It is called a man. He will care for you. He will be the strong and silent type, and he will be the father of your children. He has some faults, but I believe your generous nature will overlook them."


Eve responded, "Oh, thank you, Lord. I have long wanted a companion like myself. A man sounds fine."


The Lord said, "Eve, there is one thing you must do if you truly wish the man as your life's companion."


"Yes, Lord, I will do whatever you wish," the woman quickly answered.


"Remember that I warned you the man has some faults....One of them is his ego. It will require something of you."


"Ego, Lord? What will a man's ego require of me?" asked Eve.


And the Lord said, "You will have to let the man think that I created him first."


(We have a joke for the men, too - see Adam's Cost)

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