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Short stories, inspirational memos and more circulate regularly among Catholic email loops. This page is the Table of Contents to our "scrapbook" collection, placed here to share with you. With rare exception, no author is given credit as the stories are usually circulated without such notation. However, if you know of the author for any story found here, we will gladly give credit where it is due. Please share your favorite inspirational stories or notify us of a "lost" author by emailing us at Keeping It Catholic


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Adam's Cost for Eve

Eve's Compromise

Cute Christmas Joke 

Wife 1.0 Program

Husband 1.0 Program



The Angel "Birdies" - A True Story

Roses for Rose - A Love Story

The Lesson

Mom's Bill - No Charge 

When God Created Mothers

Abstinence - It's No Joke

What I Didn't Know

Why Mothers Cry



The Parents' Poem


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