Daley Bread - Books and Recipes for Bread Machines

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A series of books about machine bread making, including many delicious recipes, and tips on using your bread machine to its fullest capabilities.

Finding out more about the books.

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George Dale, an electrical engineer, became manager of LV Martin's Appliance Servicing Workshop on his arrival in New Zealand from England, in 1987.

In this role he has tested hundreds of bread-machines, and through his own efforts, and those of the customers he has helped, he has developed a great repertoire of never-fail recipes.

George has added a third book to his collection, and now all three books are published by Penguin Press.

Book 1 - Making the most of your bread machine

Book 2 - Hearty wholemeal and special diet loaves in your bread machine

Book 3 - Delectable loaves from your bread machine

Note: All of these pages are undergoing a major update and are being revised

If you wish to find out more about the books
Send George a message at the contact address below

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PO Box 38020
Wellington Mail Centre
New Zealand

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