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This page includes information on the main characters of the Blue Seed series. It may contain some spoilers; so if you haven't seen all of Blue Seed, beware.

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MomijiOkay, you must know who this is. Yep, it's Momiji Fujimiya,also known as Momiji Kushinada. She's also known just as Kushinada by the Aragami (we'll talk about them later).

Who is Momiji? She's the savior of Japan, kept secret by the Japanese government and several governmental groups for years. She has a twin sister, Kaede, who she does not know exists. After Kaede's unfortunate demise, the government decides that it's time to use Momiji's powers to ward off the evil Aragami. Momiji doesn't have any power like, say, Sailor Moon; and she's not a sorceress. What she is is a girl with the ability to destroy the Aragami... with her blood. She is a well-kept secret from the Japanese population, because many people would oppose using a 15-year old girl as a human sacrifice.

Momiji is a sweet-tempered girl with a little bit too much air in her head. She has the ability to make those around her smile. ^_^

And this is Mamoru Kusanagi, also known as Carrot-boy... err... I mean, also known as an Aragami. He was originally approached by Orochi to keep an eye on Kaede, so that humans would not get their hands on her. If humans didn't get to Kaede, they wouldn't be able to use her as a sacrifice to kill the Aragami. As the blood of the Kushinada has the ability to put the Aragami to sleep indefinitely (okay, I'll admit, I'm not quite sure how this works; when I know, I'll change this page), Kusinagi had to keep her out of the hands of humans. Kusinagi was to protect the bane of Aragami's existance. When Kaede died, Kusinagi was given the task of protecting Momiji, Kaede's twin with the same power, from the humans.

Kusanagi is the possessor of Yamata No Orochi's 7 mitamas, the little blue beads (seeds) located on his chest, hands, and feet. The mitamas provide him with exceptional strength and power, but they are nothing when compared with the power Murakumo holds (see the bottom of the page).

Kusanagi is also something of a studmuffin (okay, I said it), and the person Momiji grows to love dearly... even after he tells her that he's there to kill her. Then again, he grows to love her and admire her strength, as do most of the members of the TAC.

KunikidaNow we come to Daitetsu Kunikida, the leader of the TAC (the Terrestrial Administration Center), also known as the Land Control Center. He has many people working under him, and Momiji ends up working for him as well. He looks like a very cold, calm, calculated type of person. He comes off that way when we first meet him, after Kaede's death.

However, he has his... moments... "Aragami-bears?" He can be a putz, and when he's in one of THOSE moods, the rest of the TAC runs off to find other things to do, AWAY from their fearless leader. ^_^

Oh, yes, before it's forgotten... he was also very close to Kaede, since he raised her as his daughter. The loss of his only child weighed heavily on him, and he swore to never make the same mistake with Momiji.

Here is Ryoko Takeuchi, and ex-police officer. She worked for the Japanese police for several years (the exact number of years is unknown by me, I'll admit), and she was very good at her job. She's a crack shot, and she give you the impression that you might just regret it if you got on her bad side.

Her past isn't discussed very much, althought what's-his-face, an old flame who happens to be the director of a certain section of the police department she used to work at (or something like that, I haven't watched those episodes in a month or two, I might be confused) appears every now and again.

It is later let out that Ms. Takaeuchi has a rather strong crush on Mr. Kunikida.. and although he, at first, believes she should find someone closer to her own age, he returns her feelings.

AzusaHere's Azusa Matsudaira, the scientist of the group. When we first meet Ms. Matsudaira, she seems (perhaps) a little flighty; as time goes on, however, we learn that she's a very smart scientist. It's mostly her scientific creations that are used to fight the aragami, as guns and grenades don't do much damage.

She's somewhat obsessive about studying Momiji's body, but who could blame her? Momiji has the amazing ability to track the aragami, and Ms. Matsudaira wants to both understand this ability and find some way to avoid having to use Momiji as a human sacrifice.

We find out a few episodes into the series that Ms. Matsudaira had a husband, and a son named Jun. However, her research kind of overshadowed her family life, and she and her husband got divorced. Jun lives with his father.

Now we come to Koume (or Kome, depending what you go by) Sawaguchi, the guns/grenades/anything violent member of the group. She couldn't care less about her appearance (well, that's the impression that I get, anyhow..); and, in the earlier episodes of the series, she isn't too concerned about having a love life. Her passion for firearms and grenades, and most other tools of mass destruction kind of make the other members of the TAC act cautious around her.

Not too much is revealed about Koume's past: she was transferred to the TAC from the National Defense Agency (probably for some weapon's offense or misdemeanor charge, I would think..), but that's about all that is revealed (not including the little jaunt into her childhood in that one Omake Theater).

She doesn't like Momiji, especially after Momiji is nice enough to... errr... clean her guns and rocket launcher... however, like the rest of the team, she grows to care for her deeply.

Yaegashi This is Yoshiki Yaegashi, the computer expert of the bunch. He's sort of quiet, and gives the initial impression of a total computer nerd; later in the series, that impression changed... to a total computer nerd with an obsession with peering at Momiji's panties (read, pervert or hentai.. ^_~). He arrived at the TAC after being transferred from the Economic Planning Agency, a move which he took to be a major fall in his career and life.

After seeing what his home life is like, however, we start to understand why he turned out kinda shy and nerdy: he was raised in a family of females, with no male company to speak of. I don't know what may have happened to his father, if he might be dead or if he's still in the picture. From the sounds of things, though, it was just his mother and his sisters around when he was growing up.

He's a nice enough guy, and seems to like Momiji the entire time he's there. He offers to love and care for her always, but Momiji's heart belongs to Kusanagi. I wonder if Yaegashi honestly loved/loves Momiji like that, though, or if it's in more of a big brother/little sister way.

Here is Sakura Yamazaki. She's kind of the witch of the group, both in profession and in action (^_^). She doesn't want anything to do with the TAC, unless she is going to make a huge profit by assisting the group. I'm not sure if her age is disclosed in the series; I would guess that she's somewhere around 18 or 19 years old. She was raised in the United States, and returns to Japan to be a faith healer, which is the same profession her mother was in.

Speaking of Sakura's mother... after finding out what happened to her mother, Sakura's actions and attitude are almost understandable. When she was maybe 4 or 5 years old, Sakura lost her mother to an aragami. When she grew older, after her faith healing abilities had become very strong, she swore that she would kill aragami... Revenge for the murder of her mother is constantly there, although she doesn't really let on about it (blaming her mother's lack of talent in faith healing, etc.).

Sakura doesn't really like Momiji to begin with, and she enjoys tormenting her by telling Momiji that she's no match for her (in the way of Kusanagi); but, as with everyone else, she grows to care for her.

Kaede Here is Kaede Kunikida, also referred to as Kaede Kushinada or Princess Kushinada. She was the first of the Kushinada twins; and she was aware of her destiny, unlike the confused Momiji. After her birth, she was adopted by Mr. Kunikida and he raised her as his own daughter.

Kaede disappeared in the first episode of the series. Presumed to be dead, everyone was very surprised (to say the least) when she appeared later on in the series.... on the side of the aragami. She cares for Susano-oh while he's growing up, and shares his dream of a cleansed world.

However, by the end of the series, some of her actions change. (I won't say anymore so as to avoid spoiling too much of the series)

And, finally, here is Murakumo. He's the evil creature, the possessor of 8 mitamas, in comparison to Kusanagi's mere 7. While Kusanagi's mitamas give him strenght, grace, and power, Murakumo's 8 mitamas give him the ability to fly. On the side of the aragami (as if you couldn't tell he's evil from looking at him, right?), he helps protect Kaede and Susanno-oh (I keeps spelling it wrong, right?) from the TAC and Kusanagi.

Murakumo's other purpose, other than the protection of the dark lord, is to destroy imperfect souls... and he really enjoys reminding Kusanagi that he is an imperfect soul.

Earlier on in the series, Murakumo is on the side of Kaede and shares her ideals for the future; by the end of the series, however, he realizes that the vision of the future which he has and that which Kaede has are totally different.

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