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I'm really sorry to have to do this, but from now on I highly doubt that this page will be updated whatsoever. I have had this page up for over a year and a half now without any problems, but since I was hosting it from a free site, Tripod has finally discovered that I was somewhat abusing their system by having many sites that were all linked to one another. They have deleted all of my sites except for the main one, so now many of my links are broken and the picture do not work on many of the pages. I do not have most of these pictures backed up since that would have taken up far too much disk space that I just don't have, so to rebuild this site I would actualy have to re-scan, re-upload, etc, entirely, and I am not willing to do that unless I somehow get my hands on some space that is payed for so I'm not at risk of losing my site once again. So, for now, this site will remain as-is. Please enjoy what little is there, and please know that I'm really sorry to see this site go as well.

The "Dawson's Creek" Picture Page

There have been visitors to this site since February 17, 1999.
This site has been online since February 1998.

This page is full of pictures from the excellent TV show, "Dawson's Creek". Most scans on this page are of actual pictures, and you will only find a few screen captures, since I've only included ones that were very well done. The pictures are arranged into several thumbnail galleries. It's all pretty straight forward so it shouldn't be hard to deal with at all. Have fun!

There are currently 796 images at this site!

Please send me any pictures that you have to add to the site.


November 7, 1999: Thank you to everyone who has e-mailed me concerning the new pictures not working. I am currently trying to fix this problem but I'm having some trouble with it, so bear with me please!!

October 31, 1999: Added a lot of new pictures! 5 semi-group, 14 Jen & 43 Joey pictures are now up!

October 30, 1999: Added pictures to the following sections: Group, Jen, Jack, Joey, Eve.

October 29, 1999: I'm finally updating again. There are a few new pictures all over the place: 8 semi-group, 1 group, 3 Joey, 3 Pacey, 1 Dawson and 2 Eve. More coming soon!


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Group Pictures ~ ~ Semi-Group Pictures

Thank Yous!

Thanks goes out to everyone who has helped me so much with the pictures at this site...

Lisa, MMOS61687, Kissifer, Emily, Emilio, Robby, Meri Jaan, Queen Rebel, Chen

If you have any questions, comments or additions, please E-mail me at
Do not send me requests for pictures. As I have already stated, your E-mail will not be answered! I'd love to hear your comments about the site or the show or the actors, and I'd love to hear about pictures that I don't already have, but I cannot send you pictures. View them yourself here at the site please!

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