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I am glad you decided to visit me here. Within  these  pages you will find  my family, my friends and some of the things that I enjoy. I hope there will be something here to entertain you. 

From time to time I hope to add new things, so if you like what you find, please call back whenever you like. 

Now please enter,  if you will, this world I have created, explore my home, wander through its rooms, rest awhile in the cool shady places. 

For those of you who have visited me here before, there have been a few new additions. 

4th October
Redid some of the backgrounds and graphics

7th May
Added a page for webrings

9th February
Added "Thoughts" section. This section contains poetry and short stories.

Fantasy Dreamers

Now if you are ready
Please Enter
and I hope you enjoy your visit



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