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Jerl Charles
Ara Roberta 
Charles Robert
Hazel Ann
Jerl Lamont
Roberta Kay
Darlene May
Rosalie June
James Russell
Eleanor Jean
Linda Laverne
Lydia Fern
John Frederick
Kate Leona
Milton Robert
Terry Lynn

  Ara's 85th Birthday

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The Family of

Jerl Charles Weber  &  Ara Roberta Green

Welcomes you to their Web Site.



They raised us on a Dairy Farm located in Charlo, Montana. We had 360 acres, 200 Holsteins and lots of work to keep us out of trouble. There were 14 of us children. We are all so different and yet so much alike.

I started on the family Genealogy because of Mother, her wish to have her children and grand children listed by their family. But guess what, there is more to it than your siblings. I have found cousins through the web, have shared information, visited some, and what a great family. I feel this is the most interesting hobby one could have, THANK YOU MOTHER. Please enjoy the pictures.

Cliff, Thank You for helping me share this information.

I love you. 


This web site would not have been possible without the tremendous amount of effort that Eleanor Mitchell has put into researching our family tree.  Please, be sure to thank her for her time and effort, and for sharing this wealth of information and pictures with us.

Feel free, to browse around and view the pictures.  We have tried to include information concerning the individuals pictured.  As this is a relatively new site, be expecting to see large amounts of change occurring.  If you happen to have any pictures or information that you think should be shared on this page, please send a brief email to either,  Cliff Fite, or to Eleanor, and we will see about getting it included.   Thanks and enjoy.

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Jerl Charles & Ara Roberta

It is official.

Family Pictures:    Family Reunion Grama (Mamu) Weber's 89th Birthday        

                                1999 Family Reunion - Polson

The picture below is of the family farm located in the Charlo, Montana area.  This picture was taken in 1966. 

Jerl & Ara Weber Farm - 1966