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Krazee Katty Version, 24th Jan 2001

Welcome to CUTIES *A Cyber Anime Petz Adoption Center*

Been a longgg time since I last revamped this site... I dun think I'll be spendin' much time on da' net nowadays so bear with me ya' :p hehehe My passion in designin' webbies still burns but not as hot as it was before... just enough to fill my free time that's all... eh... arghhh! Ok ok I'll stop my blabberin'! hehe Go ahead ... surf on! :)

Attention! Since I have so many work to do and since I've lost interest in my hp hehe, you guys can just take the cuties without filling the form, just link it back thanks :D

Won't cha sign me GB?? Pwetyy pleseee :p

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