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candleSOMETHING'S Under the Bed....


In the restless shadows,
underneath my bed,
Unsympathetic adults claim
It's all inside my head.
But last night in the bedroom,
I heard a dry twig snap
The horrid sound of dread doom,
I'll catch it in my trap!

Distant footsteps softly pad,
Could be something really bad
I heard it twice -- Was it just my Dad?
(Or something under the bed?)

A twisted figure groping
Like a spider inside out.
The bedroom door creaks open,
(Several more of them, no doubt)



I knew I was their quarry;
My heart went icy cold
"One more peep,
and you'll be sorry",
Was all that I was told.

I thought to prove it truly real and lure it to the light
Called out, "I'd be a juicy meal for a monster's appetite"
I noticed something pooling, a thick and slimy stream
Then I realized it was drooling,
And I couldn't help but scream!

Something's under the bed!
Things that slither and creep
When your mom is asleep
Is there "something" under the bed?


"Dance of the Cartoon Monsters" by Steve Hanovyoung composers
"Bedtime" picture courtesy of "Andrew's Gallery", New Mexico
Poem courtesy of Bob Kanefsky's "Song Worm" Parodies
Click here Roundworm to discover
Bob Kanefsky's "Roundworm" CD:
a professional-quality studio CD of some of his best parodies,
including "Something's Under the Bed"

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