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These games, puzzles and "stuff" have been gleaned from what the authors say are "kid-friendly" sites on the net. I was trying to find things you can do right now, without having to load up another program of any kind. There are some shockwave and java games. Most of these sites provide safe downloads for the required plug-in's, if you don't have them now.

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If you find dead links or have a site you'd like to see listed, please leave a note for firefly on the Message Board or in the Guest Book.

Aesop's Fables Aesop's Fables
Alice Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (Lewis Carroll)
Alfy Playground Alfy Playground
Celestial Winds Celestial Winds Stories
Daniel's Quest Daniel's Quest
FamilyEducation Family Education
Folk Tales Folk Tales (Celtic)
Giggle Poetry Giggle Poetry for Kids
Indian Stories India (stories)
Kids Stories Kid Story (by kids>
The String Fairy The Legendary String Fairy
Mr. Storytime Mr. Storytime
Myths & Fables Myths and Fables
Ongoing Tales Ongoing Tales
Poem Pack Poem Pack
Rabbit Reading Room The Rabbit Reading Room
Santa's Storybook Corner Santa's Storybook Corner
Stories: Tommy & Sticks Tommy and Sticks
Wizard of Oz Wizard of Oz
Magnetic Poetry Magnetic (Drop'nDrag) Poetry
AceKids ACEKIDS and the "Bagel" Maker
Aktia AKTIA java games
java games Applet Arcade (India)
Art Kids Rule Art Kids Rule
Billy Bear Billy Bear Online Games
Bonnie's Fun Site Bonnie's Fun Things
Boowa & Kwala Boowa and Kwala
Brainpop BrainPop
Build a snowman Build a Snowman
Java Train Set Build a Java Train
Birmingham Zoo Birmingham Zoo Coloring Pages
Captain Dog Captain Dog
Cathy's Picnic Cathy's Picnic
Cave of Magic Cave of Magic
Caverns of Blood Caverns of Blood/Castle Quest
Childnet Childnet
Children's TV Network Children's Television Network
Circle of Friends Circle of Friends
The Color Site The Color Site
Cosmic Conflict Cosmic Conflict
Chevron Chevron Car Playground
Cyberkids Cyberkids
Cybersurfari CyberSurfari
Demos Demos for Kids
Dollmaker Dollmaker
Dog Games Dog Games
Dr. Seuss Dr. Seuss Games
Edbydesign Ed-by-Design Activities
Eggy's World Eggy's World
Electronic Zoo Electronic Zoo
Enchanted Mind Puzzles Enchanted Mind java puzzles
Expansion Joint Expansion Joint {teen site}
Fact Monster Fact Monster
Folk Songs Folk Song Sing Along
Fox for Kids Fox for Kids
FunBrain Fun
FunTown Fun Town
GamezNutz GamezNuts
Gothic Windows Gothic Windows
Halloween GamesHalloween Games
Jackson's Barn Jackson's Barn
JavaArcadePuzzleGames Java Arcade Puzzle Games
Teaser Java Games
Pool Java Pool Table
JayZeeBear Jayzee Bear
justriddlesandmore Just Riddles and more
Kiddles Kiddles
kid's carnival Kid's Carnival
Kids Pages Kids Domain
Kid Hop Kid Hop
Kids Korner Kids Korner
Kids Resume Maker Kids Resume Maker
Kids' Space Kids' Space
Kids' Treehouse Kids Treehouse
10001 Kids 1001 Kids
Learning Planet Learning Planet
Lenny Lenny Loosejocks (shock wave)
LightUpYourBrain Light Up Your Brain
Little Explorers Little Explorers Picture Dictionary
LookSmart Games LookSmart Games
Lozenge and Hampshire:The Case of the Dead Person Lozenge and Hampshire: The Case of the Dead Person
Magic Showroom Magic Showroom
Mamasoe's Mamasoe's Puzzles & Games
math puzzles Math Puzzles
McGruff McGruff's safety games
Mister Pickle Mister Pickle
Modbee Modbee Kids Pages
Mott's Cyber Orchard Mott's Cyber Orchard
National Geographic National Geographic:Kids
Neopets Neopets
NFL Games NFL Kids Zone Games
Nick jr. Nick Jr. - games
Nikolai Nikolai (global tv)
No Kids Allowed No Kids Allowed
homework Nosweat Homework Site
nimby Not in my Back Yard
OttawaYouth Ottawa
Owl Kids Owl Kids
Page Works Page Works
peanuts The Peanuts Gang
Comic Books PeriodicTable of Comic Books
Phatgames Phatgames - Java
Planet G-Hop Planet G-Hop
Official Pokemon Site Pokemon World
Primary Primary
Puzzle Factory The Puzzle Factory
Rainy Day Playhouse Rainy Day Playhouse
The Rail The Rail
Room 108 Room 108
Romeo Glow Worm Romeo Glow Worm
Rubic's Cube Rubic's Cube - Java
Applet Games SAB Games Arcade (Java)
sandlot science Sandlot Science
Christmas Santa's Xmas Page
Seussville Games Seusville Games
Shockwave Games Shockwave Games (lots)
shockwave arcade Shockwave Arcade
The Shrew(ist's) Site Shrew(ist's) Site
Smiley's Smiley's Game Emporium
Squigly's Playhouse Squigly's Playhouse
Stickman Murder Mysteries Stickman Murder Mysteries
Strange Science Strange Science
Surf Monkey's Kids Channel Surf Monkey
Theodore Tugboat TheodoreTugboat
Things to Kill Time Things to Kill Time
twilight castle Twilight Castle
Uncle Scoot Uncle Scoot
Virtual Frog Virtual Frog Dissection
arcade Warner Bros. Arcade
Warner Bros. Warner Bros. Kids Page

Puzzles Web Puzzler jigsaws
Whale Times Whale Times
Wic-Kid Wic-Kid games for kids
Wicked4Kids Puzzles Wicked4Kids-puzzles
William Willya William Willya & the WorldWideWeb
YesterdayLand Yesterdayland
Yakity Yak Yakity Yak Magazine
Yucky Yuckiest Site on the Internet
ABCToon ABC Toon Center
Archie Archie Comics' Games
Cartoon Network Cartoon Network
Cartoon World Cartoon World
Dilbert The Dilbert Zone
Garfield Garfield
Gilchrist Studios Gilchrist Studios (Mudpie/Nancy)
cartoons Green Giant Cartoons
kidcomics Kid Comics
cartoons More Daily Cartoons
Reverend Fun Reverend Fun
Sherman's Lagoon Sherman's Lagoon Snoopy
Toon Town Toon Town



Ancients' Crossroads Ancients' Crossroads
Angels in Training Angels in Training
Dark Woods Beings of the Dark Woods of Sweden
BossWolf's Den Bosswolf's Den
Centre for Duck Studies Centre for Duck Studies
Cinderella Cinderella
Clan of the Lost Dragon Clan of the Lost Dragon
Creatures of Imagination> Creatures of Imagination
Dragons Are Dragons Are
Dragon's Keep Dragon's Keep
Dragonlore Dragonlore
Elfwood Elfwood
Fairie Circle Fairie Circle
Fantasy Web Spinning Fantasy Realm
The Forest of Light Forest of Light
Unicorns Gallery of Unicorns
Hama's Pagan Page Hama's Pagan Page
HeronWing Heron Wing's World
The Inner Sanctum The Inner Sanctum
Kat's Dreams Kat's Dreams
Kindomality Kingdomality
Malathar Malathar's Dragons
The Menagerie The Menagerie
Misty Shadows Misty shadows 2u
Monster Mash Monster Mash
Noble Dragons Noble Dragons
Peek In Somnium (aka Peek)
Polenth's Wyr Polenth's Wyr
Pure Illusion Pure Illusion
Ravyn's Lair Ravyn's Dragon Lair
Spirit Wolf Spirit Wolf
Storytime Theatre Storytime Theatre
SunDragon Wicca Page Sun Dragon Wicca Page
Trouble's World Trouble's Dragons

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