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Firefly is not affiliated with any of the links below. They are provided purely as a resource for creating and improving your web pages. Be sure to check out the "Safe Surfing Tips for Kids" at the bottom of the page.

Useful Stuff
Alphabets Animated Alphabets
Animations On-Line Animations On-Line
Millianimations Millanimations
AdobeAcrobat Reader Adobe Acrobat Reader
BigNoseBird Big Nose Bird
Boogie Jack's "Boogie Jack" free graphics
Canadian Free Stuff Canadian Free Stuff
Comet Zone CometZone Cursors
Computer Mechanics The Computer
The Contemplator Contemplator's Folk Music
CoolText CoolText
HTML Colors Color Codes
free stuff
FlamingText Flaming
Gifworks GifWorks
GuestOne Guest Books GuestOne Guest Books
I Need I Need
InternetTourBus Internet Tour Bus
java Java Boutique
Java Machine Java Machine
JavaScript Source Java Script Source
Java Scripts Java Scripts
Learn2 Learn 2
Virus Alert McAfee Anti Virus
Net Lingo Net Lingo
cartoons Randy's Daily Cartoons
Real Player Real Player
screensavers Screensavers
Software Super Mall Software Super Mall
Super Snooper Super Snooper
Two Cows Tu Cows
WebFX WebFX Graphics
WebSpider WebSpider's Resources
WinZip WinZip
ZyGraphics ZyGraphics

Free Stuff
1000 Web Site Tools 1000 Website Tools
Ethos On-line Ethos on-line
TheFreeSite theFreeSite Free Site Stuff
Freestuffengine Freestuff Engine
Freeware Freeware Site
GraphXisle GraphXisle
Killer Freebies Killer Freebies

HTML Editors and Tutorials
Directory Freedom Technology Resource Directory
Html Web Developers Virtual Library
HTML Goodies HTML Goodies (Joe Burns)
HTML Center HTML Center
HTML Primer HTML Primer
Html Color Chart HTML Color Chart
Gilson Tutorials HTML Tutorials (J.Gilson)
So You Want to Build a Web Page So you want to build a web page
Ken Ward's Tutorial Ken Ward's HTML Tutorial
Visual HTML Visual HTML Tutorial
W3Schools W3Schools' Web Tutorials
Web Developers Virtual Library Web Developers Virtual Library
Web Reference Web Reference

Navigational Aids
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Page opens in a new window.

Indented Menu
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Radio Button Links
Use radio buttons as hyperlinks or mail links.

Remote Control Navigation Window
Opens a small, remote-control window
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Text Goodies

Hover colours
[Internet Explorer only]
Rainbow Text
News Text Scroller
Animated Tool Tips
Popup Message Window
The Headliner Scroll

Free Backgrounds/Graphics

AAA Banners
Animation Central
ARG Cartoon Animation
A Touch of Country
Boogie Jack's Web Depot
Bull's Backgrounds, Buttons/Bars
Designed to a T
Realm Graphics: Textures
Sleepy Graphics (Seasonal)

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Safe Surfing Tips for Kids:

1. NEVER give out personal information (or send your photograph to strangers) on the Internet. "Personal information" includes your real name, address, phone number, the name of your school, your parents' work address or work phone numbers. If you see a website that's asking for this information, show it to your parents before you do anything.

2. NEVER agree to meet someone in person whom you've only "met" online. Would you get into a car with a stranger? Of course not!

3. Tell your parents - and show them if possible - if you see something that makes you uncomfortable. Don't try to respond to rude messages yourself - it may only make the problem worse.

4. AGREE on a set of rules with your parents and stick to them. Decide what time of day you'll go online, how long you'll stay there and which are the safe places you'll visit. If you want to check out something new, talk to your parents first.

5. Don't download anything unless you've checked with your parents first. "Downloads" are files which can come from a website or be sent as attachments to e-mail messages. While many downloads are OK, some are illegal and some contain "viruses" - nasty programs that can damage your computer.

And remember what my grandmother used to say,
"When in doubt, don't!"

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