"Tell me a story",
eyessaid the witch's child,
About the beast that's fierce and wild;
About a ghost that shrieks and groans,
A skeleton that rattles bones.
About a monster, crawly-creepy...
You know!
Something nice
to make me sleepy".
by Lillian Moore
Spirits of the Night

Walk swiftly through the shadows
As you trick'n treat;
Be watchful of the spirits
That move on invisible feet!

And if you pass the graveyard,
Upon this Hallowe'en night;
Move quickly through the darkness;
Stay where the light is bright.

For spirits haunt deserted streets,
Within the dark of night.
Growing strong and frightening
Under the full moon's light.

If you stand and watch too long,
They'll come and find you there.
And life among the spirits
Isn't one you want to share!

pumpkins Littlest PumpkinThe Littlest Pumpkin Littlest Pumpkin
by the Firefly

Piles of pumpkins without faces,
Jumbled, tumbled in a pile;
Sitting, waiting in the autumn
Waiting for that special smile

There was a tiny pumpkin
The smallest of them all
Hidden by the giants
Piled up against the wall

I saw its little twisted stem
A-peeking from the pile
And pictured how its face would look
With a jack-o-lantern smile

I picked it up and brushed it off
And took it home with me;
I carved a smile upon its face
For all the world to see.

And now it sits upon my sill,
A-gleaming in the night
My tiny jack-o-lantern
With its crooked smile so bright.the littlest pumpkin

No One
by Lillian Moore

In this room
there's not a

No one sneezed
the littlest

No one wheezed
the faintest

The door's shut tight
with a big brass

Blew out the candle?


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