Welcome to Cliffhanger Corner

Welcome to Cliffhanger Corner. In the following pages, you can relive
some of the excitement of the Saturday afternoon movie serials.  If 
you do not want to know how the cliffhangers are resolved for the
serials I am presenting here, do not follow the links to the serial
pages.  Feel free to browse through the other information presented
here.  If you have any comments, suggestions, or serials that you 
would like to see, please e-mail me at the address listed below.
Here is a list of some Reference Materials on the serials.
And here is a preview of some of the chapter plays that I 
will be showing images from in the near future.
                     Stay tuned.
Here is a page I am currently working on which relates to the great Pulp Magazines of the same time period.
Last Update: March 4,2003

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