Dark Quickenings!

Posted by Doctor Who on August 02, 1996 at 09:27:04:
Alright.  A lot of people in my area who watch HL: S have been asking me just what is a Dark Quickening.  My theory is this. When an Immortal recieves a Quickening he/or she receives that persons life force/or soul. All of the things that happened to that person (like memories, and places) are transfered into the immortal receiving it.  And all of the skills and differant sword fighting techniques are also given to the immortal. But in the case of Dark Quickenings the immortal receiving the DQ is given a blast of pure evil within the Q. Now is only this amount of DQ is absorbed then over time the immortal who recieved the DQ can in some way process and filter out the DQ over time. But in the case of Macleod in the episode 'Delieverance' he took the head of that shaman who had spent his life killing evil immortals. Macleod then absorbed to much evil that his body could handle and he overloaded. Only by in affect 'killing' himself in a Quickening induced dream did he purge the evil from his body. That is my theory. What do you think?

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